The Story of Napoleon

The Story of Napoleon

By Harold F. B. Wheeler
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Foreword
  • Contents
  • Illustrations
  • The Story of Napoleon
  • CHAPTER I Napoleon the Boy (1769–1778)
  • CHAPTER II The Schooldays of Napoleon (1779–1784)
  • CHAPTER III Napoleon as Officer and Author (1784–1791)
  • CHAPTER IV Napoleon and the Corsican Volunteers (1791–1792)
  • CHAPTER V The Eve of the Reign of Terror (1792–1793)
  • CHAPTER VI Napoleon’s First Fight with the English (1793)
  • CHAPTER VII Napoleon the Soldier of Fortune (1794–1796)
  • CHAPTER VIII “The Spark of Great Ambition” (1796)
  • CHAPTER IX The Italian Campaign (1796–1797)
  • CHAPTER X The Expedition to Egypt (1798)
  • CHAPTER XI From Cairo to Fréjus (1798–1799)
  • CHAPTER XII How Napoleon Seized the Reins of Government (1799)
  • CHAPTER XIII The Passage of the Alps (1799–1801)
  • CHAPTER XIV Blessings of Peace (1801–1803)
  • CHAPTER XV The Dawn of the Empire (1803–1804)
  • CHAPTER XVI The Threatened Invasion of England and its Sequel (1804–1805)
  • CHAPTER XVII The War of the Third Coalition (1805–6)
  • CHAPTER XVIII The Prussian Campaign (1806)
  • CHAPTER XIX The Polish Campaign (1806–7)
  • CHAPTER XX Friedland and Tilsit (1807)
  • CHAPTER XXI Napoleon’s Commercial War with Great Britain (1807)
  • CHAPTER XXII The Genesis of the Peninsular War (1808)
  • CHAPTER XXIII Glory at Erfurt and Humiliation in Spain (1808–1809)
  • CHAPTER XXIV The Austrian Campaign (1809)
  • CHAPTER XXV The Austrian Campaign—continued (1809)
  • CHAPTER XXVI The War in Poland and Tyrol (1809)
  • CHAPTER XXVII A Broken Friendship and what it Brought (1810–1812)
  • CHAPTER XXVIII The Russian Campaign (1812)
  • CHAPTER XXIX The Triumphal Entry into Moscow—and after (1812)
  • CHAPTER XXX The March of Humiliation (1812)
  • CHAPTER XXXI The Beginning of the End—The Leipzig Campaign (1813)
  • CHAPTER XXXII The Conquest of the Conqueror (1814–1821)
  • Index
  • Transcriber’s Notes
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