The Soldier Boy; or, Tom Somers in the Army: A Story of the Great Rebellion

The Soldier Boy; or, Tom Somers in the Army: A Story of the Great Rebellion

By Oliver Optic
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The Soldier Boy
  • or
  • Tom Somers in the Army
    • A Story of the Great Rebellion
      • by
    • by
  • Oliver Optic
    • Author of “Rich And Humble,” “All Aboard,” “Little By Little,” Etc., Etc.
  • The Soldier Boy;
    • or,
  • Tom Somers in the Army.
    • Chapter I.
  • The Battle of Pinchbrook.
    • Chapter II.
  • The Somers Family.
    • Chapter III.
  • Taming a Traitor.
    • Chapter IV.
  • The Committee come out, and Tom goes in.
    • Chapter V.
  • The Attic Chamber.
    • Chapter VI.
  • The Way is Prepared.
    • Chapter VII.
  • A Midnight Adventure.
    • Chapter VIII.
  • Signing the Papers.
    • Chapter IX.
  • The Departure.
    • Chapter X.
  • Company K.
    • Chapter XI.
  • In Washington.
    • Chapter XII.
  • On to Richmond.
    • Chapter XIII.
  • The Battle of Bull Run.
    • Chapter XIV.
  • After the Battle.
    • Chapter XV.
  • Tom a Prisoner.
    • Chapter XVI.
  • A Perplexing Question.
    • Chapter XVII.
  • Dinner and Danger.
    • Chapter XVIII.
  • The Rebel Soldier.
    • Chapter XIX.
  • Through the Gap.
    • Chapter XX.
  • Down the Shenandoah.
    • Chapter XXI.
  • The Problem of Rations.
    • Chapter XXII.
  • The Picket Guard.
    • Chapter XXIII.
  • The End of the Voyage.
    • Chapter XXIV.
  • Budd’s Ferry.
    • Chapter XXV.
  • In the Hospital.
    • Chapter XXVI.
  • Tom is Sentimental.
    • Chapter XXVII.
  • The Confederate Deserter.
    • Chapter XXVIII.
  • On the Peninsula.
    • Chapter XXIX.
  • The Battle of Williamsburg.
    • Chapter XXX.
  • More of the Battle.
    • Chapter XXXI.
  • Glory and Victory.
    • Chapter XXXII.
  • Honorable Mention.
    • Chapter XXXIII.
  • Lieutenant Somers and Others.
  • FINIS.
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