Browere's Life Masks of Great Americans

Browere's Life Masks of Great Americans

By Charles Henry Hart
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Proem
    • Contents
    • List of Plates
    • I The Plastic Art
    • II The Plastic Art in America
    • III John Henri Isaac Browere
    • IV The Captors of André
    • V Discovery of the Life Mask of Jefferson
    • VI Three Generations of Adamses
    • VII Mr. and Mrs. Madison
    • VIII Charles Carroll of Carrollton
    • IX The Nation’s Guest La Fayette
    • X De Witt Clinton
    • XI Henry Clay
    • XII America’s Master Painter Gilbert Stuart
    • XIII David Porter United States Navy
    • XIV Richard Rush
    • XV Edwin Forrest
    • XVI Martin Van Buren
    • XVII Death Mask of James Monroe
    • Addendum to Chapter VIII
    • Index
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