Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland Vol. II of VI; Part 12 of 12; Richard II.

Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland Vol. II of VI; Part 12 of 12; Richard II.

By Raphael Holinshed
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  • Holinshed’s Chron­i­cles of Eng­land, Scot­land, and Ire­land; by Raph­ael Hol­in­shed and oth­ers; 1807 ed­i­tion; Vol­ume II of VI, Part 12 of 12; RICH­ARD II.
  • An. Reg. 1.
  • An. Reg. 2.
  • An. Reg. 3.
  • An. Reg. 4.
    • The forme of the kings charter of Manumission.
  • An. Reg. 5.
    • The tenor of the said seditious preests letter.
  • An. Reg. 6.
  • An. Reg. 7.
  • An. Reg. 8.
  • An. Reg. 9.
  • An. Reg. 10.
  • An. Reg. 11.
    • An act of councell touching this matter, in manner as followeth.
    • A proclamation clearing the lords of treason.
  • An. Reg. 12.
  • An. Reg. 13.
    • The grant of Henrie the third, to Henrie Hastings and Ada his wife, for the exchange of lands for hir part of the earledome.
    • The record by which Henrie Hastings executed the office of the panteller.
    • The order and number of clothes laied at the kings table, and how Iohn Hastings had them for his fee.
    • The record whereby dame Anne Hastings clameth the office of the pantrie.
    • The petition for the second sword which the earle of Arundell also claimed to beare, was in this sort.
    • The other bill exhibited for the golden spurs, is registred in this order,
  • An. Reg. 14.
  • An. Reg. 15.
    • The tenor of the said dukes letter to king Richard.
    • The same letter in plaine phrase verbatim Englished by A. F.
  • An. Reg. 16.
  • An. Reg. 17.
  • An. Reg. 18.
    • Copia regiæ commissionis aduersus Lollardos & Lollardorum sequaces.
    • A copie of the kings commission against the Lollards or Wickleuists and their followers: Englished by A. F.
  • An. Reg. 19.
  • An. Reg. 20.
  • An. Reg. 21.
  • An. Reg. 22.
  • An. Reg. 23.
    • The articles obiected to king Richard, whereby he was counted worthie to be deposed from his principalitie.
    • A copie of the instrument touching the declaration of the com­mis­sion­ers sent from the states in parlement, vnto king Richard.
    • The tenor of the instrument whereby king Richard resigneth the crowne to the duke of Lancaster.
    • The publication of king Richards deposing.
    • The duke of Lancaster laieth challenge or claime to the crowne.
    • The archbishop of Canturburie his oration, framed vpon this text, Vir dominabitur in populo, &c: written in the first booke of kings and ninth chapter.
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