LMH Publishing Limited
The Adventures of Lumi & Twizzy: Book 1
Gina Harvey-Lewis
Children's Books
The Adventures of Lumi & Twizzy: Book 1
US$ 4.99
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A long time ago, in a land far away,

Where many of the cute little animals play.

Lived Lumi, a beautiful, but shy unicorn

With a shimmering coat and a magical horn.

Her spirit was gentle, so peaceful, so free,

So happy, so loving and caring was she.

The animals adored her and crowded around,

When she told them her stories, there was never a sound.

Come and join Lumi the magical unicorn and her very best friend Twizzy the Twinkle Bird on their exciting journey through their enchanted forest home. Enjoy their adventures as they share their knowledge with their woodland friends.

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