The life and adventures of Guzman D'Alfarache, or the Spanish Rogue vol. 2/3
Alain-René le Sage
The life and adventures of Guzman D'Alfarache, or the Spanish Rogue vol. 2/3
CHAP. XIII. From the service of the Cook, Guzman returns to the Begging Trade, and robs an Apothecary.
CHAP. XIV. Guzman in his way to Toledo meets with a young man: what passed between them.
CHAP. XV. Guzman arrives at Toledo, and acts the man of fortune there. Some account of his gallantries.
CHAP. XVI. Guzman’s amours continued, and in what manner they ended.
CHAP. XVII. Guzman takes a false alarm, and leaves Toledo precipitately. Another gallantry. Origin of the proverb, “at Malagon, a thief in every house, but in that of the Alcaid two, the father and the son.”
CHAP. XVIII. Guzman offers himself to serve in the Company newly raised. His reception by the Captain, and how they afterwards lived together.
CHAP. XIX. Guzman proceeds with the Company to Barcelona, where he plays a trick upon a Jeweller, and embarks for Italy.
CHAP. XX. Guzman having arrived at Genoa, resolves to present himself before his kindred there. How he was received by them.
CHAP. XXI. What becomes of Guzman after having left Genoa.
CHAP. XXII. The Laws of begging.
CHAP. XXIII. Of the disagreeable adventure poor Guzman met with, while begging in the City of Rome during the heat of the day.
CHAP. XXIV. Of the agreeable life Guzman continued to lead with his Comrades. An account of his Journey to Gaeta. History of a Beggar who died at Florence.
CHAP. XXV. How Guzman excited the compassion of a Cardinal, and what followed.
CHAP. XXVI. Guzman becomes page to the Cardinal, and commits a thousand mischievous tricks in his service.
CHAP. XXVII. Guzman continues playing his tricks at the Cardinal’s, who at length dismisses him.
CHAP. XXVIII. Guzman enters into the service of the Spanish Ambassador.
CHAP. XXIX. Of the Trick that Guzman played upon a Captain and a Lawyer, who came to dine at the Ambassador’s without having been invited.
CHAP. XXX. The Ambassador falls in love with a Roman Lady; Guzman undertakes to assist him in his amour; his success.
CHAP. XXXI. Guzman’s adventure with a large Hog, and its consequences.
CHAP. XXXII. Guzman resolves to leave Rome on a Tour through Italy, with the intention of visiting every thing worthy of notice in that Country.
CHAP. XXXIII. The loves of Dorido and Clorinia; or the Sever’d Hand.
CHAP. XXXIV. Guzman leaves Rome, and arrives at his friend Pompey’s house at Sienna, where he hears bad news.
CHAP. XXXV. Soon after his departure from Sienna, Guzman meets with Sayavedra, whom he takes into his service, and carries with him to Florence.
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