Roger Desnoes
Roger Desnoes
Box Lecture Series Business Law
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The Box Lecture Series Business Law is the first in the series.
It is a concise text of subjects covered in almost any Business Law course. It covers topics such as the Legal System,Contract law, Tort Law , Agency Partnership,Company Law as well as aspects of Commercial Banking Law. The eBook also has Power point notes for the Topics addressed in the text.

Title Page
Copyright Page
Table of Contents
Introduction – The Common Law Legal System
Introduction Presentation/Slides
Chapter 1 – The Law of Contract
Chapter 1 Presentation/Slides
Chapter 2 – Association
Chapter 2 Presentation/Slides
Chapter 3 – Law of Torts
Chapter 3 Presentation/Slides
Chapter 4 – Negotiable Instruments
Chapter 4 Presentation/Slides
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