French and English A Story of the Struggle in America
Evelyn Everett-Green
Literature & Fiction
French and English A Story of the Struggle in America
French and English:
A Story of the Struggle in America
Book 1: Border Warfare.
Chapter 1: A Western Settler.
Chapter 2: Friends In Need.
Chapter 3: Philadelphia.
Chapter 4: An Exciting Struggle.
Book 2: Roger's Rangers.
Chapter 1: A Day Of Vengeance.
Chapter 2: Robert Rogers.
Chapter 3: The Life Of Adventure.
Chapter 4: Vengeance And Disaster.
Book 3: Disaster.
Chapter 1: A Tale Of Woe.
Chapter 2: Escape.
Chapter 3: Albany.
Chapter 4: Ticonderoga.
Book 4: Wolfe.
Chapter 1: A Soldier At Home.
Chapter 2: Louisbourg.
Chapter 3: Victory.
Chapter 4: The Fruits Of Victory.
Book 5: Within Quebec.
Chapter 1: The Impregnable City.
Chapter 2: The Defences Of Quebec.
Chapter 3: Mariners Of The Deep.
Chapter 4: Hostilities.
Book 6: Without Quebec.
Chapter 1: In Sight Of His Goal.
Chapter 2: Days Of Waiting.
Chapter 3: A Daring Design.
Chapter 4: In The Hour Of Victory.
Book 7: English Victors.
Chapter 1: A Panic-Stricken City.
Chapter 2: Surrender.
Chapter 3: Friendly Foes.
Chapter 4: The Last.
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