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Eric Williams: The Myth and the Man
Selwyn D. Ryan
Eric Williams: The Myth and the Man
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Part 1. The Early Years
1. The Frustrations of Genteel Poverty
2. Scholar’s Scholar or Nationalist Scholar?
Part 2. Seeking the Political Kingdom
3. Prometheus Bound: Williams and the Anglo-American Caribbean Commission
4. Letting Down My Bucket
5. The Bastard Child of World Democracy
6. The Birth of the People’s National Movement
7. The Movement Launched
Part 3. Federation and the Struggle for Chaguaramas
12. Prometheus unbound
13. The Recalcitrant Minority and the Federal Elections of 1958
14. The “War” for West Indian Independence
15. Chaguaramas and the Promised Political Kingdom
16. Slavery to Chaguaramas
17. The Federal Collapse: “An Absolute Blessing in Disguise"
18. One from Ten Leaves Nought
Part 4. Securing the Political Kingdom
19. The Elections of 1961: Consolidating the Power Base
20. The Elections of 1961: Massa Day Done
21. The Approach of Independence
22. The “Hindu Question”
Part 5. The Realities of Independence
23. Cabinet and Party in Independence
24. Operation Jobs: Restructuring the Trinidad Economy, 1956–1966
25. Heroes in Conflict: James versus Williams
26. The Roaring Seventies
27. The One-Horse Elections of 1971
28. Farewell and Return
29. Williams and the Republican Constitution
30. Bloody Tuesday and the“Unmixing” of Oil and Sugar
31. Williams versus the People’s National Movement
Part 6. Williams as Policymaker and Political Manager
32. The Move to the “Left”:Industrial Policy in the Post-1970 Era
33. Steel versus Brown Sugar
34. Williams and Laventille: The Failure of Black Entrepreneurship
35. Williams and His Mandarins
36. Breaking the “Damn” Circle: The Politics of Education
37. The Hero as a “Man of Culture”
38. Small Country in a Big World
Part 7. Williams: The Myth and the Man
39. Liberal Democrat or Sawdust Caesar?
40. Man Talking to Man: Williams and the Calypsonian
41. Accounting for My Stewardship
42. Sleaze and Immorality in Public Affairs
43. The Last Days of Eric Williams
44. Apostles, Apostates and Ecumenists
45. The Myth of Eric Williams
46. Williams in the Balance
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