The University of the West Indies Press
Global Change and the Caribbean
Prof David Barker, Duncan McGregor, Kevon Rhiney
Global Change and the Caribbean
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This is the fifth in a series of volumes published by UWI Press exploring how geographical and cognate research is being applied to address key environmental problems in the Caribbean region. Global Change and the Caribbean highlights how current research is addressing the consequences of change, forced by global warming and climate change, and driven by globalization and population growth. The book takes forward issues of regional and community vulnerability, and focuses on the search for solutions in terms of adaptation, resilience and societal transformation.

The question of transformation is debated by authors and the editors in drawing together the prospects for regional and community resilience. The chapters are presented as a series of original, empirical research contributions which have the common theme of the search for development strategies that focus on social and economic needs of the people without further deterioration of the region’s fragile environmental resource base.

The book will be essential reading at first-degree and master’s levels in institutions with Caribbean-focused courses relating to geography, and in multidisciplinary areas such as development studies, social studies, environmental management, planning and resource management. The approaches and case studies presented here will be of significant interest to regional planners, resource management specialists and public sector officials.

CONTRIBUTORS: April Karen Baptiste, David Barker, Elmo Burke, Paulette Bynoe, Donovan Campbell, Janice Cumberbatch, Scott Curtis, Thera Edwards, Chanelle Fingal-Robinson, William C. Found, Doug Gamble, Robert Kinlocke, Luna Khirfan, Thomas Klak, Chris Knudson, Duncan McGregor, Jayalaxshmi Mistry (and 13 co-contributors), Alex A. Moulton, Shaina Poore, Jeff Popke, Kevon Rhiney, Joseph Simonowcz, Rose-Ann Smith.

DAVID BARKER is Emeritus Professor of Geography, Department of Geography and Geology, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica.

DUNCAN McGREGOR is Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Geography, Royal Holloway, University of London, and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

KEVON RHINEY lectures in the Department of Geography and Geology, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica.

THERA EDWARDS is Map Curator, Department of Geography and Geology, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica.

1. Adaptation and Resilience / Duncan McGregor, David Barker, Kevon Rhiney and Thera Edwards
Part 1. Regional, National and Sectoral Approaches
2. Caribbean Tourism and Urban Development / William C. Found
3. The 2014 Jamaican Drought / Shaina Poore, Alex A. Moulton, Douglas W. Gamble, Scott Curtis and Jeff Popke
4. The Insurance Trap / Chris Knudson
5. A Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment of the Critical Infrastructure of St Kitts / Elmo Burke and Janice Cumberbatch
Part 2. Community-Level Vulnerability
6. Assessing Vulnerability and Resilience to Climate Change in Jamaica / Kevon Rhiney, Donovan Campbell and David Barker
7. Comparative Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Strategies of Caribbean Fishers / April K. Baptiste
8. Challenge, Change and the Expression of Social Capital / Robert Kinlocke and Chanelle Fingal-Robinson
9. Social Capital and Rural Resilience among the Carib Communities / Rose-Ann Smith
Part 3. Participatory Approaches
10. Relationships between a World Heritage Site and Its Contiguous Communities / Thomas Klak and Joseph Simonowicz
11. Policies and Practices / Jayalaxshmi Mistry, Céline Tschirhart, Andrea Berardi, Odacy Davis, Elisa Bignante, Lakeram Haynes, Ryan Benjamin, Grace Albert, Rebecca Xavier, Bernie Robertson, Deirdre Jafferally, Caspar Verwer, Rob Glastra and Géraud de Ville
12. Design Charrettes / Luna Khirfan
13. Climate Change / Paulette Bynoe
Part 4. Conclusion
14. Retrospect and Prospect / David Barker and Duncan McGregor
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