Technical Guide - Ginger

Technical Guide - Ginger

By GlenMais Publications
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Book Description

This Technical Guide provides information on best practices in the production of ginger in Jamaica.

Jamaica has a long tradition of producing high-quality ginger with unique chemical compositions that are valued in specialty markets.

The Jamaican ginger is known to be of premium quality on the world market today. Although this popular plant is native to Asia, the Jamaican ginger is by far more pungent and aromatic than the varieties cultivated in other countries. It is positioned in niche markets and it is estimated that there is global demand of about 21,000mt of fresh (4,200mt of dried) produce – MICAF.

Table of Contents
  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
    • Growth
    • Climate and soil requirements
  • Habit & Ecology
    • Varieties
    • Site selection and preparation
  • Crop Establishment
    • Selection of planting material
    • Pre-plant treatment
    • Planting
    • Fertilizing
    • Intercropping and Rotations
    • Irrigation
    • Protected cultivation
  • Diseases & Pests
    • Insect Pests
    • Yields
    • Harvesting
  • Harvesting & Post-Harvest Management
    • Post-harvest handling
    • Grading and packaging for export
  • Appendix 1
    • Pre-plant fungicide treatment of ginger planting Material
  • Appendix 2
    • Hot water treatment for control of parasitic nematodes
    • How to dip ginger in hot water
  • Appendix 3
    • Selected References
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