The Principles of Biology, Volume 1 (of 2)
Herbert Spencer
The Principles of Biology, Volume 1 (of 2)
Preface to the Revised and Enlarged Edition.
Contents of Vol. I.
Part I. The Data of Biology.
I. Organic Matter.
II. The Actions of Forces on Organic Matter.
III. The Re-actions of Organic Matter on Forces.
IIIa. Metabolism.
IV. Proximate Conception of Life.
V. The Correspondence between Life and its Circumstances.
VI. The Degree of Life Varies as the Degree of Correspondence.
VIa. The Dynamic Element in Life.
VII. The Scope of Biology.
Part II. The Inductions of Biology.
I. Growth.
II. Development.
IIa. Structure.
III. Function.
IV. Waste and Repair.
V. Adaptation.
VI. Individuality.
VIa. Cell-Life and Cell-Multiplication.
VII. Genesis.
VIII. Heredity.
IX. Variation.
X. Genesis, Heredity, and Variation.
Xa. Genesis, Heredity, and Variation (concluded)
XI. Classification.
XII. Distribution.
Part III. The Evolution of Life.
I. Preliminary.
II. General Aspects of the Special-Creation-Hypothesis.
III. General Aspects of the Evolution-Hypothesis.
IV. The Arguments from Classification.
V. The Arguments from Embryology.
VI. The Arguments from Morphology.
VII. The Arguments from Distribution.
VIII. How is Organic Evolution Caused?
IX. External Factors.
X. Internal Factors.
XI. Direct Equilibration.
XII. Indirect Equilibration.
XIII. The Co-operation of the Factors.
XIV. The Convergence of the Evidences.
XIVa. Recent Criticisms and Hypotheses.
A. The General Law of Animal Fertility.
B. The Inadequacy of Natural Selection, etc., etc.
C. The Inheritance of Functionally-Wrought Modifications: A Summary.
D. On Alleged Spontaneous Generation, and on the Hypothesis of Physiological Units.
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