Good Times with the Juniors

Good Times with the Juniors

By Lilian M. Heath
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Contents
  • Santa Claus Drill. By Imogen A. Storey.
  • Red-Line Jubilee.
  • A Rope Social.
  • The Good Giant A Fantasy in Two Acts and Two Scenes By Vincent Van Marter Beede
    • People of the Play
    • Costumes
    • Scenery
    • ACT I.
      • SCENE 1.
      • SCENE 2.
    • ACT II.
      • SCENE 1.
  • Orange Social.
  • A Flower Show.
  • An Evening with “Ads.”
  • A “Jap” Social.
  • Sky-Parlor Reception, No. 1.
  • Sky-Parlor Reception, No. 2.
  • A Pastery Party.
  • A Pillow-Fight.
  • A Good-Luck Social.
  • Making Valentines.
  • A New Kind of Dinner-Party.
  • Jack-Knife and Scissors Party.
  • Reception at Curlycue Castle.
  • “Polly Pitcher” Social.
  • House-Book.
  • A Parlor Athletic Meet.
  • A Tropical Fair.
  • Washington’s Birthday.
  • For the First of April.
  • Letter Social.
  • The Tuffet and the Web A Fantasy in Two Acts and Two Scenes By Vincent Van Marter Beede
    • People of the Play
    • Costumes
    • Scenery
    • ACT I.
      • Scene.
    • ACT II.
      • SCENE.
  • A Barrel Brigade.
  • Parlor Mountain-Climb.
  • Rainbow Social.
  • Handkerchief Gymnastics.
  • Bird Social.
  • A Fairy Strawberry Festival.
  • A Pansy-Hunt.
  • A Rainy Fourth.
  • An Indian Festival.
  • A Boys’ Book Party.
  • Card-Pasting.
  • Climbing the Bean-Stalk.
  • Advertising-Carnival.
  • Parlor Golf Party.
  • Mysterious Basket-Ball.
  • A Puritan Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • Teddy and the Goblin. (Teddy’s Dream on Christmas Morn.) By Mattie-Marie Gamble.
    • Characters.
    • Costumes.
  • Cinderella Reception.
  • Star Social.
  • Holly and Mistletoe Drill. By Imogen A. Storey.
  • Jack Frost Reception.
  • Mistress Mary’s Contrary Reception.
  • The Bells of Bonnydingle In Two Acts By Lilian M. Heath
    • Characters.
    • Costumes, etc.
    • ACT I.
    • ACT II.
    • Variation of “The Bells of Bonnydingle” for Christmas.
  • Index of Games
  • Transcriber’s Notes
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