No Stone Unturned: The Carl and Rosie Story

No Stone Unturned: The Carl and Rosie Story

By Rosemarie Stone
US$ 9.95
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Book Description

Confronted with the reality of her HIV-positive status, Rosemarie Stone also has to deal with husband Carl’s illness and his rapid decline to death as a result of AIDS. She not only has to cope with the shock and feeling of betrayal but also with the guilt and shame as well as the stigma and discrimination that follows anyone living with the virus.

In No Stone Unturned, Rosemarie Stone describes in vivid and heartbreaking detail her first reactions to the news of Carl’s illness and the elaborate attempts they both engineer to cover-up their status from Jamaican society and even close family members

This is the story of Rosie’s own fight against the debilitating effects of the virus and against the inevitable stigma and discrimination; of her retreat from Jamaican society; of the solace and comfort she has found in family and close friends and in contact with others living with the virus. Her story describes the realities of our worst fears – the absolute dread of those who find they are HIV positive, which is the result of the stigma NOT the virus itself. It is a woman’s story of courage and resilience; but it is also an amazing love story, however love is defined.

After 13 years, Rosie makes the agonizing decision to share her story with the world. Told without bitterness or recrimination, it is sad but at the same time inspirational and educational. No one reading these memoirs will remain untouched by her experiences.

Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • PROLOGUE: Yuh spread yuh bed hard, yuh mus hav fe lie hard pon it - If you make your bed and share it, when discomfort comes, you bear it
  • Fire deh a mus mus tail, ‘im tink a cool breeze - When you think all is well, trouble looms
  • Bud cyaan fly pon one wing - It is wise to strike a balance in all things
  • Cow deh a pasture ‘im nuh know seh butcher a watch ‘im - Who is to know when there is danger lurking?
  • W’en yuh yeye deep yuh cry in time - When you foresee tragedy, start facing it early
  • A nuh di same day leaf drap inna wata i’ rotten - A misdeed can have dire consequences many years later
  • Likkle peppa bun big man mout - A seemingly minor indiscretion can result in a major disaster
  • Bull horn nebba too heavy fi bull head - There are some personal burdens in life, which must be carried because they are no one else’s
  • If plaantn ben know seh ‘im nek gwine bruk, ‘im nebba woulda shoot - If people knew how dearly they would pay for getting involved in certain situations, they would avoid them
  • Good fren’ betta dan packet money - Good friends are invaluable
  • Mout-a-massy…kibba yuh mout! - Chatterbox…Shut up!
  • W’en man ‘ave half a foot, ‘im dance near ‘im fambily - When a person is ill, he will maintain close ties with family and friends
  • W’en betta cyaan be done, mek worse tek ova - When enduring a difficult situation, which you are powerless to change, brace yourself
  • Marriage got teet, it bite like crab - Marriage can have tribulations
  • Every fowl feed pon ‘im own craw - In the crisis of life it’s every man for himself
  • Epilogue: Rain and dark can mek bargain but dem still cyaan beat sun - Even when more than one bad circumstance oppresses you, you can look ahead to a brighter tomorrow
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