The Orchid Album, Volume 1
Comprising coloured figures and descriptions of new, rare,
and beautiful Orchidaceous Plants

The Orchid Album, Volume 1 Comprising coloured figures and descriptions of new, rare, and beautiful Orchidaceous Plants

By Thomas Moore, Robert Warner, Benjamin Samuel Williams
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  • ONCIDIUM CONCOLOR. [Plate 1.] Native of the Organ Mountains of Brazil.
  • LÆLIA SCHRÖDERII. [Plate 2.] Native of Bahia.
  • CATTLEYA MENDELII GRANDIFLORA. [Plate 3.] Native of the United States of Columbia.
  • EPIDENDRUM VITELLINUM MAJUS. [Plate 4.] Native of Mexico.
  • MASDEVALLIA SHUTTLEWORTHII. [Plate 5.] Native of the United States of Colombia.
  • CATTLEYA MORGANÆ. [Plate 6.] Native of the United States of Colombia.
  • PROMENÆA CITRINA. [Plate 7.] Native of Brazil.
  • CYPRIPEDIUM STONEI. [Plate 8.] Native of Borneo.
  • LÆLIA PURPURATA WILLIAMSII. [Plates 9-10.] Native of St. Catherine’s, Brazil.
  • PHALÆNOPSIS AMABILIS DAYANA. [Plate 11.] Native of the Eastern Archipelago.
  • ONCIDIUM GARDNERI. [Plate 12.] Native of the Organ Mountains of Brazil.
  • DENDROBIUM SUAVISSIMUM. [Plate 13.] Native of Burmah.
  • TRICHOPILIA SUAVIS ALBA. [Plate 14.] Native of Central America.
  • VANDA PARISHII. [Plate 15.] Native of Moulmein.
  • CATTLEYA GUTTATA LEOPOLDII. [Plate 16.] Native of the Island of St. Catherine, Brazil.
  • PESCATOREA KLABOCHORUM. [Plate 17.] Native of Ecuador.
  • BURLINGTONIA CANDIDA. [Plate 18.] Native of Demerara.
  • ANGULOA RUCKERII SANGUINEA. [Plate 19.] Native of Colombia.
  • DENDROBIUM AINSWORTHII ROSEUM. [Plate 20.] A Garden Hybrid.
  • AËRIDES LOBBII. [Plate 21.] Native of Moulmein.
  • CYPRIPEDIUM LAWRENCEANUM. [Plate 22.] Native of Borneo.
  • LÆLIA XANTHINA. [Plate 23.] Native of Brazil.
  • MASDEVALLIA HARRYANA CŒRULESCENS. [Plate 24.] Native of New Grenada.
  • CYMBIDIUM PARISHII. [Plate 25.] Native of Moulmein.
  • CATTLEYA VELUTINA. [Plate 26.] Native of Brazil.
  • ODONTOGLOSSUM BREVIFOLIUM. [Plate 27.] Native of the Cordillera of Peru.
  • ZYGOPETALUM GAUTIERI. [Plate 28.] Native of St. Catherine’s, Brazil.
  • CŒLOGYNE MASSANGEANA. [Plate 29.] Native of Assam.
  • LÆLIA ELEGANS ALBA. [Plate 30.] Native of Brazil.
  • CALANTHE VEITCHII. [Plate 31.] A Garden Hybrid.
  • ONCIDIUM HÆMATOCHILUM. [Plate 32.] Native of New Grenada.
  • CATTLEYA SUPERBA SPLENDENS. [Plate 33.] Native of Brazil in the region of the Rio Negro.
  • PAPHINIA CRISTATA. [Plate 34.] Native of Trinidad and Guiana.
  • ODONTOGLOSSUM ANDERSONIANUM. [Plate 35.] Native of New Grenada.
  • CYPRIPEDIUM POLITUM. [Plate 36.] Garden Hybrid.
  • CYPRIPEDIUM CHLORONEURUM. [Plate 37.] Garden Hybrid.
  • DENDROBIUM BIGIBBUM. [Plate 38.] Native of Tropical North-east Australia.
  • PHALÆNOPSIS STUARTIANA NOBILIS. [Plate 39.] Native of the East.
  • ODONTOGLOSSUM KRAMERI. [Plate 40.] Native of Costa Rica.
  • ANGRÆCUM EBURNEUM. [Plate 41.] Native of Madagascar and Bourbon.
  • DENDROBIUM SUPERBUM [MACROPHYLLUM]. [Plate 42.] Native of the Philippine Islands.
  • ODONTOGLOSSUM ALEXANDRÆ FLAVEOLUM. [Plate 43.] Native of New Grenada.
  • LÆLIA ANCEPS DAWSONI. [Plate 44.] Native of Juquila in Mexico.
  • CATTLEYA TRIANÆ. [Plate 45.] Native of Colombia.
  • MILTONIA CUNEATA. [Plate 46.] Native of Brazil.
  • ODONTOGLOSSUM ALEXANDRÆ. [Plate 47.] Native of Bogota, New Grenada.
  • VANDA CŒRULESCENS. [Plate 48.] Native of Burmah.
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