Volume 1:  Algebra

Volume 1: Algebra

By Richard James
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Book Description

Volume 1: Algebra:- Algebra touches every other branch of Mathemstics. As such, it is impossible to have a good grasp of the subject without mastering the fundamentals of algebra. This volume begins at the very foundation - working with positive and negative numbers and climaxes with the solution of a pair of simultaneous equations of which one is linear and the other quadratic. Indice, factorization, transposition and the other topics represent pillars which support everything else that is done in algebra. This volume is a very clear and simple presentation of those topics.

Table of Contents
  • Cover Page
  • 1 Directed Numbers
  • 2 Indices
  • 3 Algebraic Expression
    • Multiplication & Division
  • 4 Factorisation
    • Basic Factorisation
    • Quadratic Expressions
    • The Difference of two Squares
    • The Perfect Square
    • Trinomials
  • 5 Transposition
  • 6 Linear Equations and Inequations
  • 7 Quadratic Equations
  • 8 Simultaneous Equations
  • Directed Numbers Test
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