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Bond 11+ English Handbook
Liz Heesom
Bond 11+ English Handbook
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This is Bond's ultimate guide to passing the English 11+ exam. Now in two-colour, with examples in feature panels, helpful hint boxes and simple explanations and tips for tackling topics and question types, it can be used alongside the free practice area on the Bond Online website to support and consolidate students' exam skills.

What is an 11+ English exam?
1 Recognising question types
2 Learning how to do comprehension
3 Identifying different question requirements
4 Defining words used in the text
5 Recognising features of different text types
6 Checking your answers
7 Learning how to plan stories
8 Learning how to write stories
9 Checking your writing
10 Improving your writing
11 Watching the time!
12 Other kinds of writing
Grammar and punctuation
13 Sentences
14 Phrases and clauses
15 Paragraphs
16 Commas
17 Other common punctuation marks
18 Parts of speech
19 Subjects and objects
20 Gender and diminutives
21 Synonyms and antonyms
22 Abbreviations and acronyms
23 Compound words
24 Direct and reported speech
25 Avoiding common errors: what NOT to do!
26 Improving your spelling
27 Learning awkward spellings
Cloze tests
28 Words given in a box
29 Underlining phrases
30 Finding your own word
Everyday practice
Reading fun
Games and activities
Top ten everyday activities
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