What's Up with Catalonia?

What's Up with Catalonia?

By Liz Castro
Book Description

"What's up with Catalonia?" is a collection of brand-new essays—written in the last few months by experts in Catalan history, economy, language, culture, and politics—that explain why 1.5 million people took to the streets on Catalonia's National Day, September 11, 2012, to demand independence from Spain, and how they are channeling that joyous, peaceful, democratic spirit toward the Declaration of Sovereignty, structures of state, and other steps toward having their own independent country.

The objective of this book is to explain the current political situation in Catalonia to the world. Our goal is to offer timely information to political and business leaders, to students and professors, to visitors, to historians, and to anyone else who's interested in going beyond the surface.

Table of Contents
  • Editor’s note—Liz Castro
  • Prologue: A new path for Catalonia—Artur Mas i Gavarró President of Catalonia
  • Catalonia, a new state in Europe—Carme Forcadell Lluís
  • 2013: The transition year toward the referendum on independence—Oriol Junqueras
  • Premeditated asphyxia—Elisenda Paluzie
  • It’s always been there—F. Xavier Vila
  • Catalonia, land of immigration—Andreu Domingo
  • Opening the black box of secessionism—Laia Balcells
  • Schooling in Catalonia (1978–2012)—Pere Mayans Balcells
  • The view from Brussels—Ramon Tremosa i Balcells
  • Keep Calm and Speak Catalan—Josep Maria Ganyet
  • Wilson, Obama, Catalonia, and Figueres—Enric Pujol Casademont
  • News from Catalonia—Josep M. Muñoz
  • On the prickly matter of language—J.C. Major
  • Is the perfect always and everywhere the enemy of the good?—Edward Hugh
  • What has happened to us Catalans?—Salvador Cardús
  • Our place in the world: the country of Barcelona—Vicent Partal
  • How did we get here?—Cristina Perales-García
  • Judo in Madrid—Alfred Bosch
  • European patriots—Muriel Casals
  • The battle for the audience—Ignasi Aragay
  • Strangers in our own land—Germà Bel
  • Yet another wiki?—Àlex Hinojo
  • The languages of the Catalans—M. Carme Junyent
  • Non-nationalist independentism—Laura Borràs
  • Catalan language literature: What’s going on? —Matthew Tree
  • Catalonia or Catalan Countries?—Vicent Sanchis
  • Time to say “yes”—Eva Piquer
  • A Scottish referendum for Catalonia—Xavier Solano
  • Language in education—Miquel Strubell
  • What happened on November 25?—Pau Canaleta
  • Americans ♥ Catalonia: A geometric progression—Mary Ann Newman
  • The viability of Catalonia as a state —Núria Bosch
  • To my Spanish friends—Salvador Garcia-Ruiz
  • The Catalan business model—Joan Canadell
  • The CUP: the oldest and newest independentists—Roger Buch i Ros
  • Our September 11th (1714)—Marta Rovira-Martínez
  • Index
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