Solitudes and Silence

Solitudes and Silence

By Conrad Baines Talbot
Book Description

“Solitudes and Silence” is the story of Waimbrill, a soulcleaver, a beloved outcast, respected yet feared among his countrymen. He grows distant and eccentric as he cleaves the dead and gains their angst and pain. Trying to do good despite the neutrality of his church, Waimbrill cares for a quiet young orphan while a monster terrorizes the land. Together, the two must venture into murky waters where danger teems, and a monster waits for them in the deepest, darkest reaches of the world.

Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1 - Peace and Pall
  • Chapter 2 - Smack and Tear
  • Chapter 3 - Drab and Rags
  • Chapter 4 - Smooth and Loam
  • Chapter 5 - Ferocity and Fury
  • Chapter 6 - Rasp and Clutch
  • Chapter 7 - Solitudes and Silence
  • Chapter 8 - Clang and Clash
  • Chapter 9 - Thrash and Swirl
  • Chapter 10 -Wail and Warble
  • Chapter 11 - Wound and Balm
  • Chapter 12 - Echo and Boom
  • Chapter 13 - Crawl and Claw
  • Chapter 14 - Found and Unfound
  • Open Setting License
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