Women's writing in contemporary France
Gill Rye
Women's writing in contemporary France

The 1990s witnessed a veritable explosion in women's writing in France, with a particularly exciting new generation of writers coming to the fore, names like Christine Angot, Marie Darrieussecq and Régine Detambel. Other authors such as Paule Constant, Sylvie Germain, Marie Redonnet and Leïla Sebbar, who had begun publishing in the 1980s, claimed their mainstream status in the 1990s with new texts. This book provides an up-to-date introduction to and analysis of new women's writing in contemporary France including both new writers of the 1990s and their more established counterparts. The editors' incisive introduction situates these authors and their texts at the centre of the current trends and issues concerning French literary production today, whilst fifteen original essays focus on individual writers. The volume includes specialist bibliographies on each writer, incorporating English translations, major interviews, and key critical studies. Quotations are given in both French and English throughout. An invaluable study resource, its clear and accessible style makes this book of interest to the general reader as well as to students of all levels, to teachers of a wide range of courses on French culture, and to specialist researchers of French and Francophone literature.

Gill Rye and Michael Worton - Introduction
I Rewriting the past
1 - Victoria Best - Louise L. Lambrichs: trauma, dream and narrative
2 - Aine Smith - Evermore or nevermore? Memory and identity in Marie Redonnet’s fiction of the 1990s
3 - Kathryn Robson - The female vampire: Chantal Chawaf’s melancholic autofiction
4 - Gill Rye -Lost and found: mother–daughter relations in Paule Constant’s fiction
5 - Elizabeth Fallaize - Puzzling out the fathers: Sibylle Lacan’s Un père: puzzle
II Writing the dynamics of identity
6 - Marie-Claire Barnet - Anatomical writing: Blasons d’un corps masculin, L’Ecrivaillon and La Ligne âpre by Régine Detambel
7 - Sarah Alyn Stacey - ‘On ne s’entendait plus et c’était parfait ainsi’ (They could no longer hear each other and it was just fine that way): misunderstandings in the novels of Agnès Desarthe
8 - Gill Rye -Textual mirrors and uncertain re.ections: gender and narrative in L’Hiver de beauté, Les Ports du silence and La Rage au bois dormant by Christiane Baroche
9 - Siobhán McIlvanney - The articulation of beur female identity in the works of Farida Belghoul, Ferrudja Kessas and Soraya Nini
10- Shirley Jordan - Saying the unsayable: identities in crisis in the early novels of Marie Darrieussecq
III Transgressions and transformation
11 - Johnnie Gratton - Experiment and experience in the phototextual projects of Sophie Calle
12 - Marion Sadoux - Christine Angot’s autofictions: literature and/or reality?
13 - Margaret-Anne Hutton - ‘Il n’y a pas de troisième voie’ (There is no third way): Sylvie Germain and the generic problems of the Christian novel
14 - Margaret A. Majumdar - The subversion of the gaze: Shérazade and other women in the work of Leïla Sebbar
15 - Michael Worton - Unnatural women and uncomfortable readers? Clotilde Escalle’s tales of transgression
Gill Rye and Michael Worton - Conclusion
Individual author bibliography
General bibliography
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