International Lateinamerika-Kolloquium 2009
Gerhard Wörner
International Lateinamerika-Kolloquium 2009

The International Lateinamerika-Kolloquium, held in April 2009 at the Geosciences Centre of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, brings together researchers from all fields of earth sciences. The abstracts contained in this volume cover a wide range of topics on the geological evolution of the South American continent and its margins, such as processes of mountain building, uplift and erosion as well as interaction between tectonic and climatic parameters. Topics of the Lateinamerika-Kolloquium also cover landscape evolution, ecology, natural resources, geo-hazards and economic geology.

1. Welcome and Acknowledgements
2. Conference Information
3. Program
4. Abstracts (in first author alphabetical order)
GIS based tsunami hazard mapping in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras and application to disaster prevention measures: Acosta N., Strauch W., Castellón A., Larreynaga A., Funes G.
Detrital zircon U-Pb ages of the Puncoviscana Formation and its metamorphic equivalents in Catamarca and La Rioja, northwest Argentina: Adams C.J., Miller H., Aceñolaza F.G., Toselli A.J.
Paleoclimate analysis and growth rings of fossil woods in the Serra Alta Formation (Upper Permian), Paraná Basin, southern Brazil: Alves LSR, Guerra-Sommer M
The Valdes submarine landslide: a landward facing landslide off southern Chile: Anasetti A, Krastel S, Weinrebe W, Klaucke I, Bialas J
The Atacama Fault System and its role on the migration and deposition of Iron Oxide Copper Gold and Magnetite-Apatite ores: an evaluation from the Los Choros and Huasco valleys: Arévalo C , Creixell C
Provenance from cathodolouminescence colour spectra of detrital quartz in the Cambrian Mesón Group, NW Argentina: Augustsson C, Kocabayoğlu M, Chmiel H
Silurian Glaciations in the Amazon Basin and Chitinozoans (Trombetas Group) II: Azevedo-Soares HLC de
Irrigation agriculture in the western coastal desert – an anthropogenic sediment trap: Baade J, Hesse R
Natural and anthropogenic concentration and distribution of heavy metals in superficial water and current sediment in the Formoso river basin, Buritizeiro Municipality - MG, Brazil: Baggio H , Horn, AH
Some materials used in Buritizeiro archeological site- MG, Brazil and its possible regional origin: Baggio H , Horn AH , Rodet MJ , Rodet,J Trindade,WM
Timing of crust formation and recycling in accretionary orogens: The detrital zircon U-Pb and Hf, and the whole-rock Nd isotope evidence of Devonian to Permian turbidite deposits of the Gondwana margin in northern Chile: Bahlburg H , Vervoort JD , Du Frane SA
Exploring the initiation of subduction and the coeval evolution of sedimentary basins-examples from the Phanerozoic Andean margin: Bahlburg H
Distinct magma plumbing and storage systems inferred from mineral chemistry and geothermobarometry of four volcanic centres in the central Andes: Banaszak M , Wörner G , Botcharnikov R , Holtz F , Hora J
An assessment to block rotation in northern South America: new paleomagnetic data of the Santa Marta massif, northern Colombia: Bayona G, Jiménez G, Silva C
Late Quaternary pollen records and their importance for Global Change research - Examples from tropical South America: Behling H
Tholeiitic and calc-alkaline volcanism associated to the active continental margin of the Miocene of Colombia: Betancourt D JA, Tejada Avella ML, Guevara AN, Weber Scharf M, GómezTapias J
Experimental constraints on differentiation and mixing processes in the evolution of Central Andean magma systems: Parinacota and Taapaca volcanoes: Botcharnikov RE , Bonecke C , Holtz F , Torresi G , Banaszak M, Wörner G
The Moín High, East Costa Rica: volcanic origin or contractional structure ?: Brandes C, Winsemann J
First results of a magnetotelluric study in the Central American Isthmus: Brasse H , Kapinos G , Alvarado GE , Muñoz A , Worzewski T
Interpretation of parametric echo sounding profiles in fjords of the Magellan Region (53°S), Chile: Breuer S , Kilian R , Baeza O , Arz H
Estimation of Holocene denudation rates for non-glaciated areas of the super humid southernmost Andes (53°S), Chile: Breuer S , Kilian R , Baeza O , Lamy F
Paleogeographic boundary in the evolution of the Pucara Basin (Triassic-Liassic) and the Arequipa basin (Lias-Dogger): an inheritance of the block accreted during the Mesoproterozoic: Carlotto V , Cardenas J , Cano V , Rodriguez R
Spatial and Temporary Dynamics of Land Cover and Land Use in the Natural Reserve of Apoyo Lagoon, Nicaragua - 1972 to 2007: Castellón A, Bonilla G, Acosta N, Meyrat S, Espinales E, Martínez O
A multidisciplinary project on cordilleran batholiths in Argentina : New data and perspectives: Castro A , Fernández C , Moreno-Ventas I , Gallastegui G ,Corretgé LG , Vujovich, G , Martino, R , Becchio, R , Otamendi,JE , Heredia, N , Gerya, T
Análisis geológico estructural para la determinación de riesgos geológicos en el sureste del área metropolitana de Monterrey (Cañón el Huajuco, La Estanzuela), Nuevo León, México: Chapa-Guerrero JR, Chapa Arce RI, García Puente DM, Lemus Alarcón OR, GarzaVela LA, Méndez DS, Ibarra Martínez SE
The southernmost segment of the suture between Pampia terrane and the Rio de la Plata craton, La Pampa province, Argentina: constraints from zircon U-Pb SHRIMP dating and Hf isotopic data: Chernicoff CJ , Zappettini EO , Santos JOS , McNaughton NJ
Implications of detrital isotopic data from Cambro-Ordovician metasediments of the Famatina belt (Central Andes) in the Late Neoproterozoic-Early Paleozoic evolution of Western Gondwana: Collo G, Astini RA
Mechanisms of marine forearc basin evolution along the accretive margin of south central Chile; insights from seismic data and analogue simulations: Contardo X , Kukowski N , Jensen A
Lake landscape on lateritic iron crust over high plateaus in the eastern Amazon: Costa ML , Trindade A , Behling H , Hermanowski B
U-Pb La-ICP-MS geochronology of detrital zircons from Lower Palaeozoic rocks of the Eastern Cordillera, NW Argentina: Tectonic significance for the evolution of Western Gondwana: Cunzolo S , Pimentel M
New evidence of ammonites and its sedimentary context within Upper part of Chokolate Formation (Yura, Arequipa): De la Cruz AA, Acosta-Pereira H, Aldana M
Sedimentary facies and ammonites relations between Arequipa and Tacna during Lower to Middle Jurassic: De la Cruz AA , Acosta Pereira H
Thermobarometry and geochronology of metapelites and granitoids of the eastern Sierra de Velasco, Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina: P-T paths and exhumation rates during the Famatinian Cycle: De los Hoyos C , Willner AP , Larrovere M , Rossi J , Toselli A
Geochemical and thermochronological signals in Tertiary to Recent sediments from the Western Andes (15-19°S): proxies for sediment provenance and Andean uplift.Decou A, Mamani M , Eynatten H , Wörner G
Methodology for the determination of a precise regional geoid model in Argentina: Del Cogliano D , Bagú D , Scheinert M , Dietrich R
Magnetotelluric study of Parinacota and Lascar volcanoes: Diaz D , Brändlein D , Brasse H
Provenance of the Late Proterozoic to Early Cambrian metaclastic sediments of the Sierra de San Luis (Eastern Sierras Pampeanas) and the Cordillera Oriental, Argentina: Drobe M , López de Luchi M , Steenken A , Frei R , Naumann R , SiegesmundS , Wemmer K
Ongoing seismological investigations around Villarrica Volcano, Southern Chile: Dzierma Y , Thorwar M , Rabbel W , Comte D , Legrand D , Bataille K ,Iglesia P , Prezzi C
Geochronology of Late Cretaceous-Early Cenozoic magmatism in Northern Chile (24º30’–26º S): Espinoza F , Cornejo P , Matthews S
SHRIMP U-Pb dating and subsidence analysis of pre-Andean Paganzo Basin, northwestern Argentina: Implications for late Paleozoic tectonic evolution of western Gondwana: Ezpeleta M , Astini RA , Dávila FM , Cawood P
The Late Devonian glaciation in western Argentina: expanding the frontiers of Gondwanan glacial epoch: Ezpeleta M , Astini RA
Plan der ordenamento terretorial del distrito de Paraguarí, República del Paraguay Trabajos en el Marco del proyecto de Ordenamiento Ambiental de Zonas Urbanas (ORDAZUR), convenio de Cooperación SEAM-BGR: Fariña D , Morel A , Pasig R
Progress of the Application of GIS on Georisks in Central America: Feldhaus L , Castellón A , Palucho R , León X , Funes G , Strauch W
Tectonic evolution of the Southern Central and Northern Patagonian Andes (34º30´- 43º30´S): Folguera A, Rojas Vera E, Spagnuolo M, García Morabito E, Orts D, Bottesi G,Ramos VA
Are the North Patagonia islands the key areas to test the Darwin’s glacial hypothesis?: Francois JP
Identificación de la susceptibilidad a inundación en las formas exocarsticas del noreste de península de Yucatán, México: Frausto-Martínez O , Ihl T , Giese S
Structure and tectonics of the inner retro-arc between 38º30’ and 40ºS: García Morabito E , Ramos VA
Processing of 4C-2D OBC reflection seismic data from the southern Gulf of Mexico (Oil Field Cantarell): Garza-Rocha D , Rabbel W , González-Roque AA , Vásquez-García, M
Eocene opening of Drake Passage: Geological and Geophysical evidence from Tierra del Fuego: Ghiglione MC , Yagupsky DL , Ghidella M , Ramos VA
Magmatic evolution of the two caldera-forming Tephras of the Apoyo Caldera / Nicaragua: Gilbert D, Freundt A, Kutterolf S
Long-term landscape evolution at the Western South Atlantic passive continental margin, Brazil: Glasmacher UA , Hackspacher P , Förster A , Franco AOB , Doranti C , GodoyD , Karl MP
Improvement of a local geoid model in Tierra del Fuego: Gomez ME , Richter A , Mendoza L
Reflection Seismic Imaging of the Chilean Subduction Zone around the 1960 Valdivia Earthquake Hypocenter: Groß K , Buske S , Shapiro SA , Wigger P
Moa Bay, eastern Cuba: Geoenvironmental characteristics and problems of a modern tropical lagoon – first results: Gursky HJ , Orozco G , Cervantes Y , Pierra A , Schwarzer A
Luingo (Pucarilla - Cerro Tipillas Volcanic Complex), the oldest caldera in the SE portion of the Central Andes?: Guzmán S , Petrinovic I , Seggiaro R
Lead isotopic fingerprints of fauna and crustal isotope domains as a basis for tracing origin and migration of prehistoric people in the Central Andes: Hartmann G, Mamani M, Wörner G
Combined U-Pb and Hf-isotope study on the Puncoviscana Formation in tastil area, Eastern Cordillera, Nw argentina: evidence for the Maximum and minimum age: Hauser N , Matteini M , Pimentel MM , Omarini R
From sink to source – Inferring onland geodynamics and sedimentary pathways from the marine and estuarine record – A detrital apatite fission track study from the Chile continental margin (29-47°S): Heberer B, Behrmann JH , Rahn M
Late Quaternary environmental dynamics of Amazonian rainforest in northern Brazil – New palynological insights: Hermanowski B , Behling H, Lima da Costa M
Significado y Alcances Estratigráficos de Deformación Post-Laramídica en la Región de Acapulco, Tierra Colorada y Chilapancingo: Estado de Guerrero Región Sur de México: Hernández-Treviño T , Solis-Pichardo G , Schaaf P, Pérez Gutiérrez R , Torresde León R , Salgado Soto Z , Meza García VB
The age, nature and significance of the basement rocks of the Magallanes basin and of Cordillera Darwin, Tierra del Fuego, Chile: a SHRIMP U-Pb study of igneous and detrital zircons: Hervé F , Calderón M , Fanning M , Kraus S , Pankhurst RJ , Mpodozis C ,Klepeis K , Thomson S
Altitudinal forest line shifts, climate change, and land-use impact in northern Ecuador during the last 3 millennia: implications for Kyoto-protocol driven carbon sequestration projects: Hooghiemstra H, Moscol Olivera M, Bakker J, Cleef AM, Duivenvoorden JF
Climate change and basin dynamics at 50-yr resolution during two glacial cycles (284-27 ka): a new record from Lake Fúquene: Hooghiemstra H , Vriend M, Groot MHM , Bogotá-Angel RG , Van der PlichtJ , Lourens L , Berrio JC & other Fúquene Project members
Contamination by mineralogical dust emission of Si and Fe-Si industry in the region of Pirapora and Várzea da Palma, MG, Brazil, and its ambiental and health effects: Horn AH, Baggio H, Trindade WM, Braga LL
Preliminary interpretation of GPR-Profiles executed on three selected Veredas in the Rio Formoso Sub basin of the São Francisco Basin, MG, Brazil: Horn AH, Aranha PA, Baggio H, Palmares P, Trindade WM
Manejo sostenible de lentes de agua dulce en el distrito de Benjamin Aceval, Chaco Paraguayo: Insfrán A, Houben G, Rojas C, Silvero J
The formation of talus cones and scree slopes as result of the paraglacial landscape transformation in the Aconcagua-Massif (Argentina) and the Marmolejo Massif (Chile): Iturrizaga L
Late Paleozoic wildfires in the South American part of the Gondwana Realm: Jasper A, Uhl D, Machado NTG, Gonçalves CV, Guerra-Sommer M,Cazzulo-Klepzig M
Titel Magnetotelluric image of the South Chilean subduction zone: Kapinos G, Montahaei M, Brasse H
Volcano reconstruction and erosion rate calculation on stratovolcanoesand ignimbrite surfaces in the Central Andes: Karátson D, Telbisz T , Wörner G
Evolutionary history of the marine latitudinal diversity gradientalong the Pacific coast of South America: Kiel S, Nielsen SN
Anomalies in the variations of the radon concentration related to geodynamical processes in the volcano Popocatepetl, Mexico: Kotsarenko A, Grimalsky V, Villegas Cerón RA, Koshevaya S, Yutsis V 3,Pérez Enríquez R, López Cruz-Abeyro JA and Valdés-Gonzáles C
Paleobathymetric changes and paleoenvironmental turnoveracross the Cretaceous-Paleogene in Brazil: Koutsoukos Eduardo AM
Age and P-T metamorphic conditions of the migmatitic basement of the Northwestern Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina: Larrovere M, Toselli A, Rossi J, de los Hoyos C, Basei M, Belmar M
First experience with a National GIS on Georisks in Guatemala: León X, Bautista M, Strauch W
The Palynologic and Stratigraphic Characterization of the Alluvial Depositis, Campo do Ciama, São Bonifácio Municipality, Santa Catarina, Brazil: Lima G L, Oliveira MAT, Bauermann SG
Geology and exploration geochemistry of the El Volcán Gold Project in the Maricunga Belt, northern Chile: Lohmeier S, Lehmann B, Du A, Burgess R
Unravelling of the modern stress field, Coulomb Stress change sand seismic risk in Costa Rica, an applied approach: López A, Müller B, Heidbach O
Constrained 3D density model of the upper crust from gravity data interpretation for the Central Volcanic Range of Costa Rica: fluid and volatile pathways and reservoirs for the southeastern end of the Quaternary Central American Volcanic Arc: Lücke OH, Götze HJ, Alvarado GE, Schmidt S, Fairhead D
Tracing the source of Neogene ignimbrites in the Western Andean by isotope provenance: Mamani M, Wörner G
Early Caribbean-South American interaction: The evidence from Margarita Island, Venezuela: Maresch WV, Kluge R, Baumann A, Pindell J, Krückhans-Lueder G,Stanek KP
Distinguishing crustal segments in the North Patagonian Massif, Patagonia: Martínez Dopico CI, López de Luchi MG, Rapalini AE
Bulk-rock geochemistry of the meta-igneous rocks from the Tandilia Range, Argentina: Martínez JC, Dristas JA, Massonne H-J, Theye T
Hydrothermal alteration patterns in Tandilia Ranges, Olavarría area: ArgentinaMartínez JC, Dristas JA, Massonne H-J, Theye T, van den Kerkhof AM
High-pressure, medium-temperature metamorphic rocks in the Ecuadorian Cordillera Real - Evidence for continental collision: Massonne H-J, Toulkeridis T
A sustentabilidade da mineração na Amazônia – o caso do Estado do Pará (Brasil): Mathis A, Peregovich B, de Azevedo Mathis A
Mediciones de susceptibilidad magnética con el equipo GMS-2 de Geoinstruments, Ltd. a escala de laboratorio: Méndez-Delgado S, García-Peña Á, Medina-Ferrusquía E L
A statistical method based on historical eruption data for volcanic hazard assessment: applications to active volcanoes: Mendoza-Rosas AT, De la Cruz-Reyna S
Strain analysis of geodetic observation data in the Magallanes-Fagnano fault zone, Tierra del FuegoMendoza L, Dietrich R, Perdomo R, Hormaechea JL, Del Cogliano D, Fritsche M, Richter A
Estimación de la intensidad macrosísma para El Salvador y su incorporación al Sistema de Información Geográfica: Menjívar L, Reyes M, Alvarado L, Ramos A
Erosion history of the southern Brazilian Shield as seen from detrital zircon U-Pb age patterns of sedimentary rocks of northwest Argentina: Miller H , Adams Ch
Avaliacao da vulnerabilidade quimica dos solos de area carstica de Minas Gerais - Brazil a contaminacao por cromo: Moraes AF de, Horn AH, Pereira AAG, Baggio H
Use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in analyzing volcanic gas emissions on the environment at Poás Volcano,Costa Rica: Morales-Simfors N, Sivertun Å, Haraldson J
Inferences of Late Pliocene-Pleistocene rock avalanches clustering in the Central Andes (32º LS): Moreiras SM
Spectral analysis of geophysical logs from the Cerrejon Formation, Colombia: Morón S, Montes C, Jaramillo C, Bayona G, Sánchez C
Miocene Cucaracha Formation in Panama, climatic or tectonic event?: Morón S, Montes C, Cardona A, Valencia V, Farris D, Rodriguez I, Jaramllo C
Cenozoic marine invertebrates of Chile: state of the art exemplifiedby mollusks: Nielsen SN
Mineral Pigments from Minas Gerais – Brazil. Part III: Application to Producing Paints: Oliveira JAS, Saturnino JO, Sousa, OM, Moresi CMD, Souza JSB
Ichthyosaurs from Torres del Paine National Park, Southernmost Chile: Pardo Pérez J, Stinnesbeck W, Salazar Soto C, Leppe Cartes M, Frey E
δ18O and δ2H in Antarctic water precipitations. A discussionabout tendencies: Parica C A
Destroying a myth: Non drinkable water in Antarctic Stations: Parica CA, Remesal MB, Salani FM, Rinaldi CA
The iceberg A22A. The evolution of δ2H and δ18O in the upper levels and drifting in the Weddell Sea after the break-up: Parica C
50 Years TMP – Transition from Small-Scale Artisanal Gold Mining to Large-Scale Corporate Mining in the Tapajós Mineral Province (TMP), Brazil – Potential and Needs:Peregovich B, Mathis A
Pso Yobai epithermal gold - Praguay: Pérez W, Benítez JC, Medina M
Characteristics of the phreatoplinian layers the Congo and Conacaste tephras (Coatepeque Caldera, El Salvador): Pérez W , Freundt A , Kutterolf S
Sedimentological analysis of tsunami deposits along the coast of Peru: Piepenbreier J, Spiske M, Benavente C , Steffahn J, Bahlburg H
Mantle reference frame and generation of detached- and flatslab subduction geometries in Caribbean evolution: Pindell J
Mejoras del proceso de beneficio de minerales auroargentíferos del Distrito minero Vetas-California (Santander-Colombia) para reducir la contaminación ambiental: Pinzón Ángel JM
Devonian and Ordovician Magmatism in the Maya Block: Chiapas Massif area, SE Mexico: Pompa-Mera V, Schaaf P, Weber B, Solís-Pichardo G, Hernández-TreviñoT, Ortega-Gutiérrez F
The copper and bitumen mineralization in Barda Gonzáles and Tordillos prospects, Nequén, Argentina: Pons MJ, Franchini MB, Giusiano A, Licitra DT
Hydrogeology and Hydrochemistry of groundwater in the Pablillo River Basin Linares, Nuevo Leon, Mexico: Dávila Pórcel RA, De León Gómez H, Velasco Tapia F, Hoppe A, Schüth C
Slow earthquakes on the Nicoya, Costa Rica, seismic gap: Protti M, V. González V, Psencik K, Dixon T, Schwartz S, LaFemina P,Kato T, Melborne T
Volcan Nevado de Huila (Colombia): Erupción y lahar del 20 de noviembre 2008: Pulgarín B, Cardona C, Santacoloma C, Trujillo N, Bolaños R, Narváez A, Monsalve ML, Agudelo A, Calvache M, Manzo O
Platinum group elements in ultramafic rocks from the central-south of Chile: Rabbia O, Galdames C, Alfaro G, Hernández L, Miller H
New U-Pb zircon ages and Nd-Sr isopotic data for igneous and metamorphic rocks from northern Sierra de Comechingones, Argentina: Rabbia O, Demichelis A, Otamendi J, Tibaldi A
Paleozoic Granjeno Schist and its implications in the evolution of the basement of the Sierra Madre Oriental, NE Mexico: Ramírez-Fernández JA, Torres-Sánchez SA, Cossío-Torres T
Nejapa Tephra: The youngest (c. 1 ka BP) highly explosive hydroclastic basaltic eruption in western Managua (Nicaragua):Rausch J, Schmincke H-U
Provenance of K/P sandstones from NE-Mexico: Rehrmann S, Augustsson C
Sedimentological and paleontological overview over the coastline of Mocha Island (south-central Chile): Reich S, Nielsen SN
Provenance of Ordovician and Devonian sandstones from southern Peru and northern Bolivia - U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotope evidence of detrital zircons and its implications for the geodynamic evolution of the Western Gondwana margin (14°-17°S): Reimann CR, Bahlburg H, Kooijman E, Berndt J, Gerdes A, Carlotto V
Contaminacion de aguas subterranes, Sub Cuenca Oriental del Acuífero de Managua: Determinación de zonas de captura parapozos de Bombeo: de los Ángeles Hernández Calero R
Ocean tides and sea-level changes derived from tide gauge measurements in the Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego: Richter A, Hormaechea JL, Dietrich R, Del Cogliano D, Mendoza L, Connon G, Perdomo R, Fritsche M, Guerrero R
Structure at the retroarc zone between 37º and 39ºS based on gravimetric, magnetometric, seismic and field constraints: The Loncopué trough: Rojas Vera E , Folguera A, Zamora Valcarce G, Gímenez M, Ruiz F, Martínez P, Bottesi G, Ramos VA
Recent palynological studies in western Patagonia of Coyhaiqueregion (45 º S, 72 º W), southern Chile: Rondanelli M, Troncoso JM, León C
Sedimentological and geochemical characterization of the Paleozoic carbonate rock related to a Ni-Co ore showing at theYauli Dome – Central Peru: Rosas S, Muñoz C
Detrital zircons as provenance indicators in early Palaeozoic siliciclastic sandstones in NW Argentina: Rüsing T, Augustsson C, Büld M, Kooijman E, Berndt J, Zimmermann U
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The Marifil Formation in Northeastern Patagonia, Argentina: Salani FM, Chernicoff CJ
The basaltic volcanism of Pire Mahuida Complex, extraandean Patagonia, Argentina: Salani FM, Remesal MB, Parica CA, Cerredo ME
Biostratigraphy and Paleobiogeography of Maastrichtian Ammonites from Quiriquina Formation, Chile: Salazar C, Stinnesbeck W, Quinzio-Sinn LA
Orogen-parallel shortening in the central Andes: examples from NW Argentina and the role of normal fault reactivation: Salazar L, Kley J, Monaldi CR, Rossello EA
The recent stress field in the Precordillera of Northern Chile constrained from upper crustal microseismicity: Salazar P, Kummerow J, Wigger P, Moser D, Asch G , Shapiro SA
Large-ion lithophile elements in K-feldspar as monitors of magmatic evolution in the Velasco Pegmatitic District, La Rioja province, Argentina: Sardi F, Grosse P, Murata M, Navas A
Mid Ocean Ridge Basalts from the Pacific Rivera Plate, Mexico: Heterogeneous geochemistry and geochronology: Schaaf P, Bandy W, Mortera C, Michaud F, Ruffet G
First results from the ICDP deep drilling PASADO* project of maar Laguna Potrok Aike (Santa Cruz, Argentina): Schäbitz F and the PASADO-team
The paleoclimatic significance of chemical, isotopic and detrital proxies in different high-resolution stalagmite records from the superhumid southernmost Chilean Andes (53°S): Schimpf D, Kilian R, Mangini, Kronz A, Spötl C
Altiplano peatlands in NW Argentina as archives for palaeoclimate research – potential, challenges and limitations: Schittek K, Flores F, Torres G, Lupo L
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Comprehensive Geohazard Assessment for Honduras and the Development of a National GIS on Georisks: Silva E, Strauch Ws, Castellon A, Funes G
Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic compositions of Iztaccíhuatl and Tláloc-Telapón volcanoes, Sierra Nevada, Mexico: Evidence for different magma generation processes: Solís Pichardo G, Martínez-Serrano R, García-Tovar G, Cadoux A
U-Pb LA-ICP-MS age determinations of growth impulses in zircons from Carboniferous post-orogenic granites, Sierra deVelasco (NW-Argentina): Söllner F, Grosse P, Gerdes A, Toselli AJ, Rossi JN
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Massive use of GIS for Natural Hazard Assessment on 90 lowcost house building projects in Nicaragua: Strauch W, Muñoz A, Blanco M, Collado C, Castellón A, Acosta N
GIS based Natural Hazard Assessment for three zones proposed for the construction of a new refinery at the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua: Strauch W, Muñoz A, Mayorga E, Castellón A, Acosta N, Montoya I, Rosales M
Contribution to Early Warning on landslides in Central America using precipitation estimates from meteorological satellite data in realtime: Strauch W, Castellón A
REE and major elements analyses in volcanic lithoclasts of pyroclastic rocks with EDS and laser ablation (LA-ICP-MS) techniques. Planchadas Fm., Famatina System, Argentina: Such P, Castro A
Geochemistry of Ordovician volcanic domes of the Las Planchadas Fm, Famatina System, Argentina: Such, P, Castro A, Aceñolaza FG
The explosive phases of Jorullo Volcano, the first historic eruption in Mexico: Sumita M , Schmincke H-U
Analysis of drainage anomalies as a tool to elucidate neotectonic soft-linked deformation zones: Terrizzano C, Cortés JM
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Classification of Andean Permafrost, an attempt: Trombotto Liaudat D
Isotopic variations throughout Colima Volcanic Complex, México: Valdez-Moreno G, Schaaf P, Kusakabe, M
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Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Upper Cretaceous Volcanic Ash-Layers of the NE Mexico: San Felipe Formation: Velasco-Tapia F, Chávez-Cabello G, Martínez-Limas NA, Gómez-Alejandro AG,Becerra- González C, Medina-Barrera F
Aquifer transboundary Pantanal in Paraguay: Velasquez C
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