Building on Experience

Building on Experience

By Inken Feldsien-Sudhaus
Book Description

The LIBER Architecture Group reflects on experience of European library building projects from the past twenty years in order to plan the next generation of library buildings. This documentation of recent library building projects accompanies the 14th Seminar of the LIBER Architecture Group, taking place in Budapest and Debrecen (Hungary) 8–12 of April 2008. Most described projects refer to scientific research libraries, however readers will find examples of an archive or public libraries in Amsterdam and Antwerp. Libraries nowadays are spaces to house information resources (and multimedia) but as well places for learning and communication. Recent design of research libraries takes this new usage into account. Therefore examples of »Learning Resource Centers« supporting students during their studies are enclosed.

Table of Contents
  • Building on Experience - Printed Projects
    • 03 Table of contents - Printed projects
    • 06 Introduction - Printed projects
    • 07 LAG Questionnaire 2007
    • 21 Amsterdam Openbare Bibliotheek - Printed projects
    • 26 Amsterdam UvA Special Collections Library - Printed projects
    • 31 Antwerpen FelixArchief - Printed projects
    • 36 Antwerpen Openbare Bibliotheek Permeke - Printed projects
    • 43 Cork Boole Library - Printed projects
    • 49 Gdansk Biblioteka Gdanska Polskiej Akademii Nauk - Printed projects
    • 55 Gent Library of the Faculty of Economics and Business administration - Printed projects
    • 60 Glasgow The Saltire Centre - Printed projects
    • 66 Helsinki Viikki Science Library - Printed projects
    • 71 Isparta Information Center - Printed projects
    • 77 Izmir Izmir Institute of Technology - Printed projects
    • 83 Karlsruhe Universitätsbibliothek - Printed projects
    • 88 Kaunas Library and Health Sciences Information Centre - Printed projects
    • 94 Kopenhagen Faculty Library of Humanities - Printed projects
    • 98 London UCL Library Services Main Library - Printed projects
    • 104 Lyon Service commun de la Documentation - Printed projects
    • 110 Malmö Orkanen Library - Printed projects
    • 116 Nicosia Grand Library - Printed projects
    • 122 Olsztyn Main Library University - Printed projects
    • 128 Pardubice University Library - Printed projects
    • 133 Paris Bibliothèque Sainte-Barbe - Printed projects
    • 139 Poole The Sir Michael Cobham Library - Printed projects
    • 145 Reims Bibliothèque Robert de Sorbon - Printed projects
    • 151 Southampton Hartley Library - Printed projects
    • 157 Tallinn Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Library - Printed projects
    • 163 Tilburg Library and IT Services - Printed projects
    • 166 Vilnius Scholarly Communication Centre - Printed projects
    • 172 Weimar Universitätsbibliothek - Printed projects
    • 179 Wildau Hochschulbibliothek - Printed projects
    • 184 Seminar programme Budapest Debrecen 2008, April 8-12
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