Teaching Ethics in Organ Transplantation and Tissue Donation

Teaching Ethics in Organ Transplantation and Tissue Donation

By Silke Schicktanz
Book Description

Organ transplantation is a thrilling new option for modern surgery giving hope for chronically ill patients, and, at the same time, stirring controversial ethical questions on human identity and the meaning of the human body. Being a global and transnational endeavor, organ transplantation raises universal ethical concerns and, yet, has to be adapted to culturally mediated believes. In this book, 30 case studies collected from all over the world illustrate the range of global and local, ethical, social, and cultural problems associated with this new form of treatment. Together with a list of relevant movies, the collection provides a unique resource for ethics education in medicine, health care, philosophy, and religious studies. The authors have completed the teaching material by a systematic introduction into the field of transplantation ethics.

Table of Contents
  • Table of Content
  • Part A: Introduction. Silke Schicktanz, Claudia Wiesemann
  • Part B: Case studies. I. Case: Living kidney donation – the right to refuse
  • II. Case: Living liver donation and competent decision making
  • III. Case: Parental living kidney donation
  • IV. Case: Living liver donation – the right to refuse
  • V. Case: Living organ donation – legal limits to non-family related donations
  • VI. Case: Organ transplantation – mentally incompetent recipients
  • VII. Case: Living organ transplantation: cross-national donors
  • VIII. Case: Living organ donation – legal restrictions on donor-recipient-relationship
  • IX. Case: Samaritan donation – risk assessment and non-maleficence
  • X. Case: Samaritan donation – domino-paired issue of justice
  • XI. Case: Living kidney donation – psychological and cognitive restrictions of the donor
  • XII. Case: Living organ donation – socio-economic relationship between donor and recipient
  • XIII. Case: Living organ donation – limits of donor autonomy
  • XIV. Case: Living bone transplant – informed consent for donation
  • XV. Case: Bone marrow transplantation – mentally incompetent donor
  • XVI. Case: Post-mortem organ donation – cultural aspects of death and burial traditions
  • XVII. Case: Brain death – consent procedure
  • XVIII. Case: Post-mortem organ donation and religious conflicts I
  • XIX. Case: Post-mortem organ donation and religious conflicts II – follow the law or avoid a scandal?
  • XX. Case: Definition of death and cultural aspects – family’s role
  • XXI. Case: Conscientious objection of physicians
  • XXII. Case: Directed (post-mortem) donation – role of preferences for allocation
  • XXIII. Case: Heart-lung-transplantation – assessing high risks
  • XXIV. Case: Post-mortem organ donation – parental consent
  • XXV. Case: Xenotransplantation – human trial and informed consent
  • XXVI. Case: Organ trade – post-surgical follow-up treatment
  • XXVII. Case: Organ trade – supporting medical tourism
  • XXVIII. Case: Organ trade – socio-economic dependency between donor and recipient
  • XXIX. Case: Organ traffic – financial incentives for doctors
  • XXX. Case: From the perspectives of the patient – is there a right to buy a kidney from a stranger from another country?
  • Part C: Movies as teaching material – ethical issues in organ transplantation: Sabine Wöhlke, Silke Schicktanz
  • Table of movies
  • Literature on the use of movies for medical ethics education
  • Websites / open access
  • List of Contributors
  • Backcover
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