Sexualizing Power in Naturalism

Sexualizing Power in Naturalism

By Irene Gammel
Book Description

This book sheds light on the function of female sexuality in a predominantly male genre: naturalist fiction. Gammel reveals that naturalism is frequently implicated in the very power structures it critiques. Reading European and North American naturalism through the lens of feminist and Foucaultian theories of power, Gammel argues that twentieth-century naturalism increasingly deconstructs itself in its depiction of sexuality, inevitably exposing the genre's internal ideological contradictions. The book makes a special contribution to Canadian studies.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • I. Raturalism and Foucault
    • 1. Naturalism's History of Sexuality
    • 2. "Liberating" Sexuality
    • 3. Power and the Docile Body
  • II. Dreiser, Raturalism and the Rew Woman
    • 4. Sister Carrie: Sexualizing the Docile Body
    • 5. Female Sexuality and the Naturalist Crisis: "Emanuela"
  • III. Deconstructing the Raturalist Prostitute
    • 6. Fanny Essler: A Sexual Picaresque
    • 7. Fanny's Sexual Confession
    • 8. Fanny Essler in (A) Search for America
  • IV. Eroticizing Bourgeois Power
    • 9. The Male Body of Power: The Titan
    • 10. Naturalism's Specula(riza)tion: The "Genius"
  • V. Grove's Sexualization of Patriarchal Power
    • 11. Sovereign Power, Bio-Power and the "Inevitable Form" in The Master of the Mill
    • 12. The Father's Seduction and the Daughter's Rebellion
    • 13. Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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