The Kiltartan Poetry Book; prose translations from the Irish

By Lady Gregory
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The Kiltartan Poetry Book
    • Prose Translations from the Irish
      • Lady Gregory
    • Lady Gregory
  • Introduction
    • I
    • II
    • III
    • IV
    • V
    • VI
    • VII
  • Contents
    • The Grief of a Girl’s Heart
    • A Lament for Fair-Haired Donough that Was Hanged in Galway
    • Raftery’s Praise of Mary Hynes
    • His Lament for O’Daly
    • His Praise of the Little Hill and the Plains of Mayo
    • His Lament for O’Kelly
    • His Vision of Death
    • His Repentance
    • His Answer When Some Stranger Asked Who He Was
    • A Blessing on Patrick Sarsfield
    • An Aran Maid’s Wedding
    • A Poem Written in Time of Trouble by an Irish Priest Who Had Taken Orders in France
    • The Heart of the Wood
    • An Craoibhin Complains Because He Is a Poet
    • He Cries Out Against Love
    • He Meditates on the Life of a Rich Man
    • Forgaill’s Praise of Columcille
    • The Deer’s Cry
    • The Hymn of Molling’s Guest, the Man Full of Trouble
    • The Hag of Beare
    • I. The Seven Heavens
    • II.The Journey of the Sun
    • III. The Nature of the Stars
    • The Call to Bran
    • The Army of the Sidhe
    • Credhe’s Complaint at the Battle of the White Strand
    • A Sleepy Song that Grania Used to Be Singing over Diarmuid the Time They Were Wandering and Hiding from Finn
    • Her Song to Rouse Him from Sleep
    • Her Lament for His Death
    • The Parting of Goll and His Wife
    • The Death of Osgar
    • Oisin’s Vision
    • His Praise of Finn
    • Oisin after the Fenians
    • The Foretelling of Cathbad the Druid at Deirdre’s Birth
    • Deirdre’s Lament for the Sons of Usnach
    • Emer’s Lament for Cuchulain
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