Sustainable Energy - without the hot air
David J. C. MacKay
Science & Math
Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

I’m concerned about cutting UK emissions of twaddle – twaddle about sustainable energy. Everyone says getting off fossil fuels is important, and we’re all encouraged to “make a difference,” but many of the things that allegedly make a difference don’t add up.

Twaddle emissions are high at the moment because people get emo- tional (for example about wind farms or nuclear power) and no-one talks about numbers. Or if they do mention numbers, they select them to sound big, to make an impression, and to score points in arguments, rather than to aid thoughtful discussion.

This is a straight-talking book about the numbers. The aim is to guide the reader around the claptrap to actions that really make a difference and to policies that add up.

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Free translations are available in French, Italian, German, and Polish.

1   Motivations
2   The balance sheet
3   Cars
4   Wind
5   Planes
6   Solar
7   Heating and cooling
8   Hydroelectricity
9   Light
10   Offshore wind
11   Gadgets
12   Wave
13   Food and farming
14   Tide
15   Stuff
16   Geothermal
17   Public services
18   Can we live on renewables?
19   Every BIG helps
20   Better transport
21   Smarter heating
22   Efficient electricity use
23   Sustainable fossil fuels?
24   Nuclear?
25   Living on other countries’ renewables?
26   Fluctuations and storage
27   Five energy plans for Britain
28   Putting costs in perspective
29   What to do now
30   Energy plans for Europe, America, and the World
31   The last thing we should talk about
32   Saying yes
A   Cars II
B   Wind II
C   Planes II
D   Solar II
E   Heating II
F   Waves II
G   Tide II
H   Stuff II
I   Quick reference
J   Populations and areas
K   UK energy history
Power translation chart
Carbon translation chart
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