A Journey into the Interior of the Earth

A Journey into the Interior of the Earth

By Jules Verne
Book Description

Date of origin in French, 1864.
See also PG#18857 for the common English re-write version, The Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Table of Contents
  • 1. Preface
  • 2. Chapter I. The Professor and his Family
  • 3. Chapter II. A Mystery to be Solved at Any Price
  • 4. Chapter III. The Runic Writing Exercises The Professor
  • 5. Chapter IV. The Energy to be Starved Into Submission
  • 6. Chapter V. Famine, Then Victory, Followed by Dismay
  • 7. Chapter VI. Exciting Discussions About an Unparalleled Enterprise
  • 8. Chapter VII. A Woman’s Courage
  • 9. Chapter VIII. Serious Preparations for Vertical Descent
  • 10. Chapter IX. Iceland! But What Next?
  • 11. Chapter X. Interesting Conversations with Icelandic Savants
  • 12. Chapter XI. A Guide Found to the Centre of the Earth
  • 13. Chapter XII. A Barren Land
  • 14. Chapter XIII. Hospitality Under the Arctic Circle
  • 15. Chapter XIV. But Arctics Can be Inhospitable, Too
  • 16. Chapter XV. Sn∆Fell at Last
  • 17. Chapter XVI. Boldly Down the Crater
  • 18. Chapter XVII. Vertical Descent
  • 19. Chapter XVIII. The Wonders of Terrestrial Depths
  • 20. Chapter XIX. Geological Studies in Situ
  • 21. Chapter XX. The First Signs of Distress
  • 22. Chapter XXI. Compassion Fuses The Professor’s Heart
  • 23. Chapter XXII. Total Failure of Water
  • 24. Chapter XXIII. Water Discovered
  • 25. Chapter XXIV. Well Said, Old Mole! Canst Thou Work I' The Ground so Fast?
  • 26. Chapter XXV. De Profundis
  • 27. Chapter XXVI. The Worst Peril of All
  • 28. Chapter XXVII. Lost in the Bowels of the Earth
  • 29. Chapter XXVIII. The Rescue in the Whispering Gallery
  • 30. Chapter XXIX. Thalatta! Thalatta!
  • 31. Chapter XXX. A New Mare Internum
  • 32. Chapter XXXI. Preparations For a Voyage of Discovery
  • 33. Chapter XXXII. Wonder of the Deep
  • 34. Chapter XXXIII. A Battle of Monsters
  • 35. Chapter XXXIV. The Great Geyser
  • 36. Chapter XXXV. An Electric Storm
  • 37. Chapter XXXVI. Calm Philosophic Discussions
  • 38. Chapter XXXVII. The Liedenbrock Musuem of Geology
  • 39. Chapter XXXVIII. The Professor in His Chair Again
  • 40. Chapter XXXIX. Forest Scenery Illuminated by Electricity
  • 41. Chapter XL. Preparations for Blasting A Passage To The Centre of The Earth
  • 42. Chapter XLI. The Great Explosion And The Rush Down Below
  • 43. Chapter XLII. Headlong Speed Upward Through The Horrors of Darkness
  • 44. Chapter XLIII. Shots Out of a Volcano at Last!
  • 45. Chapter XLIV. Sunny Lands in the Mediterranean
  • 46. Chapter XLV. All’s Well That Ends Well
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