Hodder Education Caribbean History: Empires and Conquests

Hodder Education Caribbean History: Empires and Conquests

By John T Gilmore; Beryl Allen; Dian McCallum; Ricardo Kerr; Winsome Pusey; Ricardo Kerr
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Book Description

Provide students with a solid foundation in Caribbean history and encourage social studies skills, with an active approach to the study of social history for Lower Secondary.

- Ensure full coverage with content spanning history from ancient civilisations to more recent 21st Century events.
- Prepare students for studies at CSEC level with a solid grounding in Caribbean history.
- Provide practice in many different skill areas with activities, including 'What would you do?' problem solving activities.
- Encourage students to compare and contrast past events with more recent ones with 'Then and Now' feature.
- Inspire interest with relevant archaeological information from the region as well as career options related to the subject as part of the 'Did you know?' feature.
- Reinforce learning and test knowledge through comprehensive revision questions.

Table of Contents
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  • Contents
  • 1 Introduction to History
  • 2 Egypt: The Gift of the Nile
  • 3 An Ancient Civilisation: Mesopotamia
  • 4 Ancient Greece and Rome
  • 5 China
  • 6 India from Ancient Times to the Mughal Empire
  • 7 The Mayas, Aztecs and Incas
  • 8 The Amerindians of the Caribbean
  • 9 Europe from the Middle Ages to the Reformation
  • 10 Inventions and the Beginnings of Exploration
  • 11 Europe and the Wider World
  • 12 Africa and the Wider World
  • 13 The Encounter of Two Worlds
  • 14 Clash of Cultures
  • 15 The Challenge to Spain
  • 16 From Tobacco to Sugar
  • 17 How Sugar was Grown and Made
  • 18 The Slave Trade
  • 19 The Experience of Enslavement
  • 20 Control and Resistance in Slave Societies
  • 21 The Maroons
  • 22 The Free and the Enslaved
  • 23 Colony and Metropolis
  • 24 Caribbean Towns
  • 25 What is Culture?
  • 26 Culture in pre-Emancipation Society
  • Revision Exercises
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