Treatise on Parents and Children

Treatise on Parents and Children

By Bernard Shaw
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The Child is Father to the Man
  • What is a Child?
  • The Sin of Nadab and Abihu
  • The Manufacture of Monsters
  • Small and Large Families
  • Children as Nuisances
  • Child Fanciers
  • Childhood as a State of Sin
  • School
  • My Scholastic Acquirements
  • Schoolmasters of Genius
  • What We Do Not Teach, and Why
  • Taboo in Schools
  • Alleged Novelties in Modern Schools
  • What is to be Done?
  • Children's Rights and Duties
  • Should Children Earn their Living?
  • Children's Happiness
  • The Horror of the Perpetual Holiday
  • University Schoolboyishness
  • The New Laziness
  • The Infinite School Task
  • The Rewards and Risks of Knowledge
  • English Physical Hardihood and Spiritual Cowardice
  • The Risks of Ignorance and Weakness
  • The Common Sense of Toleration
  • The Sin of Athanasius
  • The Experiment Experimenting
  • Why We Loathe Learning and Love Sport
  • Antichrist
  • Under the Whip
  • Technical Instruction
  • Docility and Dependence
  • The Abuse of Docility
  • The Schoolboy and the Homeboy
  • The Comings of Age of Children
  • The Conflict of Wills
  • The Demagogue's Opportunity
  • Our Quarrelsomeness
  • We Must Reform Society before we can Reform Ourselves
  • The Pursuit of Manners
  • Not too much Wind on the Heath, Brother
  • Wanted: a Child's Magna Charta
  • The Pursuit of Learning
  • Children and Game: a Proposal
  • The Parents' Intolerable Burden
  • Mobilization
  • Children's Rights and Parents' Wrongs
  • How Little We Know About Our Parents
  • Our Abandoned Mothers
  • Family Affection
  • The Fate of the Family
  • Family Mourning
  • Art Teaching
  • The Impossibility of Secular Education
  • Natural Selection as a Religion
  • Moral Instruction Leagues
  • The Bible
  • Artist Idolatry
  • "The Machine"
  • The Provocation to Anarchism
  • Imagination
  • Government by Bullies
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