Pericles, Prince of Tyre

Pericles, Prince of Tyre

By William Shakespeare
Book Description

Perhaps one of Shakespeare's most adventure-filled plays, ""Pericles"" follows the extended sailing journeys of a young prince. Pericles is forced to flee Antioch when he correctly guesses a riddle that reveals the incestuous activity of King Antiochus. Unable to stay at home in Tyre because of Antiochus' vengeance, he sails away and ends up shipwrecked in Pentapolis, where he fights for and wins a princess named Thaisa. The trials and tribulations of this couple and their daughter Marina fill the remaining acts of ""Pericles"" with grief and trepidation, as well as joy and a.

Table of Contents
    • SCENE: Dispersedly in various countries.
      • SCENE I. Antioch. A room in the palace.
      • SCENE II. Tyre. A room in the palace.
      • SCENE IV. Tarsus. A room in the Governor's house.
      • ACT II.
      • SCENE IV. Tyre. A room in the Govenor's house.
      • SCENE V. Pentapolis. A room in the palace.
      • ACT III.
      • SCENE II. Ephesus. A room in Cerimon's house.
      • SCENE IV. Ephesus. A room in Cerimon's house.
      • ACT IV.
      • Scene II. Mytilene. A room in a brothel.
      • SCENE III. Tarsus. A room in Cleon's house.
      • SCENE IV.
      • SCENE V. Mytilene. A street before the brothel.
      • SCENE VI. The same. A room in the brothel.
      • ACT V.
      • SCENE I. On board Pericles' ship, off Mytilene. A close pavilion on deck, with a curtain before it; Pericles within it, reclined on a couch. A barge lying beside the Tyrian vessel.
      • SCENE II. Enter Gower, before the temple of Diana at Ephesus.
      • SCENE III. The temple of Diana at Ephesus; Thaisa standing near the altar, as high priestess; a number of Virgins on each side; Cerimon and other inhabitants of Ephesus attending.
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