The Wrong Box

The Wrong Box

By Robert Louis Stevenson
Book Description

The Wrong Box is a black comedy novel co-written by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne, first published in 1889. The story is about two brothers who are the last two surviving members of a tontine.
The book was the first of three novels that Stevenson co-wrote with Osbourne, who was his stepson. The others were The Wrecker (1892) and The Ebb-Tide (1894). Osbourne wrote the first draft of the novel late in 1887 (then called The Finsbury Tontine), Stevenson revised it in 1888 (then called A Game of Bluff) and again in 1889 when it was finally called The Wrong Box. A film adaptation, also titled The Wrong Box, was released in 1966, and a musical in 2002.
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Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • CHAPTER I. In Which Morris Suspects
  • CHAPTER II. In Which Morris takes Action
  • CHAPTER III. The Lecturer at Large
  • CHAPTER IV. The Magistrate in the Luggage Van
  • CHAPTER V. Mr Gideon Forsyth and the Gigantic Box
  • CHAPTER VI. The Tribulations of Morris: Part the First
  • CHAPTER VII. In Which William Dent Pitman takes Legal Advice
  • CHAPTER VIII. In Which Michael Finsbury Enjoys a Holiday
  • CHAPTER IX. Glorious Conclusion of Michael Finsbury's Holiday
  • CHAPTER X. Gideon Forsyth and the Broadwood Grand
  • CHAPTER XI. The Maestro Jimson
  • CHAPTER XII. Positively the Last Appearance of the Broadwood Grand
  • CHAPTER XIII. The Tribulations of Morris: Part the Second
  • CHAPTER XIV. William Bent Pitman Hears of Something to his Advantage
  • CHAPTER XV. The Return of the Great Vance
  • CHAPTER XVI. Final Adjustment of the Leather Business
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