English A CSEC Revision Guide:A Complete English Revision Guide for   CSEC English A

English A CSEC Revision Guide:A Complete English Revision Guide for CSEC English A

By Neville Grant
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Book Description

Support candidates preparing for the regional English A Examinations by covering a range of skills, exploring and developing the written and oral components of English language Learning.

- Focus on the oral component of English language learning with dedicated units.
- Help learners to understand and master the requirements of each type of writing with a step-by-step writing approach.
- Guide learners toward maximising marks, with an in-depth focus on decoding reading comprehension questions and model responses.
- Support students as they master various components of the paper with scaffolded learning activities.
- Remind learners of the mechanics and structure of the language with learning tip boxes.
- Make content relevant with rich Caribbean Literature infusion.
- Aligned to the current CSECĀ® English syllabus.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Book title
  • Contents
  • Unit 1 Mastering informative speaking
  • Unit 2 Mastering communicative skills
  • Unit 3 Writing about writing
  • Unit 4 Understanding factual writing
  • Unit 5 Understanding literary discourse
  • Unit 6 The writer in me
  • Unit 7 Writing with attitude: Mastering argumentative/persuasive writing
  • Unit 8 Mastering CSEC English A Examinations
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