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English A Workbook 4
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English A Workbook 4
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Provide learners with the opportunity to build their English skills, either at home or in class with the ideal practice companion for learners who need extra help to understand and master the mechanics and structure of English, as they prepare for the CSEC® Examination.

- Decode the syllabus objects with the What this unit does for you feature.
- Help learners strengthen skills in well-known troublesome areas with the What the examiners say feature.
- Enable students to take control of their writing skills with a process-driven approach.
- Support learners to make the important link between the mechanics and structure of English with the Writers' Support Kit.
- Encourage learners to evaluate the development of their writing skills with checklists.

This title is linked to the Achieve! Companion Website, aligned to the current CSEC® English syllabus, and complements the current CSEC® English A Textbooks.

Book title
Unit 1 Understanding factual writing
Unit 2 Using summaries and reports
Unit 3 Understanding the writer’s craft: The nature of literary writing
Unit 4 Writing about writing
Unit 5 Building the short story
Unit 6 From the author’s pen
Unit 7 The camera at work: The descriptive essay
Unit 8 Through the mind’s eye
Unit 9 Persuasive writing
Unit 10 My views matter
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