The History of John Bull

The History of John Bull

By John Arbuthnot
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Table of Contents
  • CHAPTER I. The Occasion of the Law Suit.
  • CHAPTER II. How Bull and Frog grew jealous that the Lord Strutt intended to give all his custom to his grandfather Lewis Baboon.
  • CHAPTER III. A Copy of Bull and Frog's Letter to Lord Strutt.
  • CHAPTER IV. How Bull and Frog went to law with Lord Strutt about the premises, and were joined by the rest of the tradesmen.
  • CHAPTER V. The true characters of John Bull, Nic. Frog, and Hocus.*
  • CHAPTER VI. Of the various success of the Lawsuit.*
  • CHAPTER VII. How John Bull was so mightily pleased with his success that he was going to leave off his trade and turn Lawyer.
  • CHAPTER VIII. How John discovered that Hocus had an Intrigue with his Wife;* and what followed thereupon.
  • CHAPTER IX. How some Quacks undertook to cure Mrs. Bull of her ulcer.*
  • CHAPTER X. Of John Bull's second Wife, and the good Advice that she gave him.*
  • CHAPTER XI. How John looked over his Attorney's Bill.*
  • CHAPTER XII. How John grew angry, and resolved to accept a Composition; and what Methods were practised by the Lawyers for keeping him from it.*
  • CHAPTER XIII. Mrs. Bull's vindication of the indispensable duty incumbent upon Wives in case of the Tyranny, Infidelity, or Insufficiency of Husbands;
  • CHAPTER XIV. The two great Parties of Wives, the Devotos and the Hitts.*
  • CHAPTER XV. An Account of the Conference between Mrs. Bull and Don Diego.*
  • CHAPTER XVI. How the guardians of the deceased Mrs. Bull's three daughters came to John, and what advice they gave him; wherein is briefly treated the characters of the three daughters. Also John Bull's answer to the three guardians.*
  • CHAPTER XVII. Esquire South's Message and Letter to Mrs. Bull.*
  • PART II.
  • CHAPTER I. The Character of John Bull's Mother.*
  • CHAPTER II. The Character of John Bull's Sister Peg,* with the Quarrels that happened between Master and Miss in their Childhood.
  • CHAPTER III. Jack's Charms,* or the Method by which he gained Peg's Heart.
  • CHAPTER IV. How the relations reconciled John and his sister Peg, and what return Peg made to John's message.*
  • CHAPTER V. Of some Quarrels that happened after Peg was taken into the Family.*
  • CHAPTER VI. The conversation between John Bull and his wife.*
  • CHAPTER VII. Of the hard shifts Mrs. Bull was put to preserve the Manor of Bullock's Hatch, with Sir Roger's method to keep off importunate duns.*
  • CHAPTER VIII. A continuation of the conversation betwixt John Bull and his wife.
    • A Copy* of Nic. Frog's Letter to John Bull.
  • CHAPTER X. Of some extraordinary Things* that passed at the "Salutation" Tavern, in the Conference between Bull, Frog, Esquire South, and Lewis
  • CHAPTER XI.* The apprehending, examination, and imprisonment of Jack for suspicion of poisoning.
  • CHAPTER XII. How Jack's friends came to visit him in prison, and what advice they gave him.
  • CHAPTER XIII. How Jack hanged himself up by the persuasion of his friends, who broke their words, and left his neck in the noose.
  • CHAPTER XIV. The Conference between Don Diego and John Bull.
    • During the time of the foregoing transactions, Don Diego was entertaining John Bull.
  • CHAPTER XV. The sequel of the meeting at the "Salutation."*
  • CHAPTER XVI. How John Bull and Nic. Frog settled their Accounts.
    • JOHN BULL.—During this general cessation of talk, what if you and I, Nic., should inquire how money matters stand between us?
  • CHAPTER XVII. How John Bull found all his Family in an Uproar at Home.*
  • CHAPTER XVIII. How Lewis Baboon came to visit John Bull, and what passed between them. *
  • CHAPTER XIX. Nic. Frog's letter to John Bull: wherein he endeavours to vindicate all his conduct, with relation to John Bull and the lawsuit.
  • CHAPTER XX. The discourse that passed between Nic. Frog and Esquire South, which John Bull overheard.*
  • CHAPTER XXI. The rest of Nic.'s fetches to keep John out of Ecclesdown Castle.*
  • CHAPTER XXII. Of the great joy that John expressed when he got possession of Ecclesdown.*
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