The Curious Country

The Curious Country

By Leigh Dayton
Book Description

By definition scientists are an inquisitive lot. But what are the scientific curiosities and concerns on the minds of Australians? What worries them, baffles them, and sets their curiosity meter to 10 out of 10? To find out, the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) took the nation’s intellectual temperature, surveying 1186 Australians: men and women aged 18 to 65, from all education levels and locations around Australia.The results frame this book: a collection of essays covering the diverse areas of science Australians are curious about. Edited by eminent science writer Leigh Dayton and including a foreword from Australia’s Chief Scientist, Ian Chubb. The collection covers a range of issues, including food and farming technology, environmental upheaval, health, fuel and energy technology and space exploration.

Table of Contents
  • Preliminary pages
  • Foreword by Ian Chubb
  • 1. Science meet society
  • 2. Living in a changing environment
  • 3. Promoting health and wellbeing
  • 4. Managing our food and water assets
  • 5. Securing Australia’s place in a changing world
  • 6. Sustainable Energy and Productivity
  • 7. Curiosity
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