Dutch Commerce and Chinese Merchants in Java

Dutch Commerce and Chinese Merchants in Java

By A. Claver
Book Description

Dutch Commerce and Chinese Merchants in Java describes the vanished commercial world of colonial Java. Alexander Claver shows the challenges of a demanding business environment by highlighting trade and finance mechanisms, and the relationships between the participants involved.

Table of Contents
  • Dutch Commerce and Chinese Merchants in Java
  • Copyright
  • Contents
  • List of Maps, Tables, Figures and Boxes
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abbreviations
  • Glossary
  • Conventions
  • Maps
  • 1. Introduction
    • Research Outline
    • Access to Capital, Information and Security
    • The Indonesian Case
    • Sources
    • Research Method
  • 2. Prelude to Rapid Expansion (1800–1884)
    • The Colonial State and the Economy
    • The Resilience of Private Enterprise
    • Entrepreneurship under the Cultivation System: Djauw Adjiem and Ho Kong Sing
    • Finance in Transition: Internatio and De Javasche Bank
    • Wholesalers and Retailers: Van Beek, Reineke & Co. - HVA
  • 3. Crisis and Adaptation (1884–1890s)
    • Economic Policy and Political Expansion
    • The Organization of Trade
    • The Onset of the Crisis: Sugar and Coffee
    • Beginning of the Crisis
    • The Crisis Experienced: Internatio and Dorrepaal & Co.
    • The Crisis Prolonged: Sing Liong & Co.
  • 4. Redefining Dutch-Chinese Commercial Relations (1890s–1910)
    • An Awkward Alliance: The Interdependence of Dutch and Chinese Business
    • The Economic Position of the Chinese under Scrutiny
    • A Wave of Failures: Surabaya in the Late 1890s
    • The Chinese Boycott of the HVA
  • 5. The Road to Expansion (1910–1930)
    • The Late Colonial State: Consolidation and Conflict
    • The Colonial Economy before 1914: The HVA in Trade and Agriculture
    • The Lure of Sugar in Trade and Banking
    • De Javasche Bank and the Outbreak of the First World War
    • The Colonial Economy after 1914
    • The Kwik Hoo Tong Handelmaatschappij: A Prominent Chinese in Sugar
  • 6. Economic Crisis and Commercial Resilience (1930–1942)
    • The Economic Experience of the 1930s
    • The Incidence of Failure: Bankruptcy Cases and Business Fraud
    • Commercial Resilience and Crisis Management: Internatio and Margo-Redjo
  • 7. Conclusion
    • A Bird’s-Eye View of Colonial Trade
    • Trade Dynamics
  • Sources
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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