In and Out of Suriname

In and Out of Suriname

By E.B. Carlin
Book Description

This title is available online in its entirety in Open Access In and Out of Suriname: Language, Mobility and Identity offers a fresh multidisciplinary approach to multilingual Surinamese society, that breaks through the notion of bounded ethnicity enshrined in historical and ethnographic literature on Suriname.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • List of Tables and Figures
  • List of Contributors
  • Chapter 1 Looking at Language, Identity, and Mobility in Suriname
  • Chapter 2 Language Practices and Linguistic Ideologies in Suriname: Results from a School Survey
  • Chapter 3 Small-scale Gold Mining and Trans-frontier Commerce on the Lawa River
  • Chapter 4 Movement through Time in the Southern Guianas: Deconstructing the Amerindian Kaleidoscope
  • Chapter 5 Setting up Frontiers, Crossing the Border: The Making of the Kari’na Tyrewuju
  • Chapter 6 Mobilities into (and out of) Konomerume (Donderskamp)
  • Chapter 7 Maroons and the Communications Revolution in Suriname’s Interior
  • Chapter 8 On the Linguistic Consequences of Language Contact in Suriname: The Case of Convergence
  • Chapter 9 They Might as Well Be Speaking Chinese: The Changing Chinese Linguistic Situation in Suriname under New Migration
  • Chapter 10 The Role of Suriname in Haitian Migration to French Guiana: Identities on the Move and Border Crossings
  • Chapter 11 Epilogue: The Aesthetics and Politics of Multilingualism among the Saamaka
  • References
  • Index
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