Jaan Kross and Russian Culture

Jaan Kross and Russian Culture

By Lea Pild
Book Description

Acta Slavica Estonica is an international series of publications on current issues of Russian and other Slavic languages, literatures and cultures. This volume This volume is devoted to the interrelations of the prominent Estonian writer Jaan Kross (1920–2007) with Russian literature and culture. It includes contributions on the poetics of some of Kross' works ("The Czar's Madman", "Professor Martens' Departure", "Michelson's Matriculation", "The Third Range of Hills", "A Hard Night for Dr. Karell") and his translations from Russian (e.g. D. Samoilov's poetry and A. Griboedov's "The Misfortune of Being Clever"). Contributors include Lea Pild, Ljubov Kisseljova, Timur Guzairov, Tatiana Stepanischeva, Dmitry Ivanov, and Maria Tamm. An appendix includes the original Russian text of the autobiography of Johann Köler, the patriarch of Estonian national art and protagonist of one of Kross' novels. So far, this text has appeared only in fragments; the full version was found in the Archive of the Institute of Russian literature in St. Petersburg and is here published, with an extensive commentary, for the first time.

Table of Contents
  • 01_Contents - alr reviewed_23.12.pdf
  • 02_Introduction_from_the_Editor - alr reviewed_21.12.pdf
  • 03_Pild_Poetic_of_the_leitmotifs - alr reviewed_07.01.pdf
  • 04_Kisseljova_Russian_history_and_Culture - alr reviewed_23.12.pdf
  • 05_Guzairov_Works of Russian Literature - alr reviewed_21.12.pdf
  • 06_Kisseljova_The Protagonists of Jaan Kross - alr reviewed_03.01.pdf
  • 07_Pild_The Tolstoyan Layer and Estonian Theme - alr reviewed_07.01.pdf
  • 08_Guzairov_The Portrayals of Witte - alr reviewed_07.01.pdf
  • 09_Stepanishcheva_The_two_Storylines - alr reviewed_07.01.pdf
  • 10_Stepanischeva_David Samoilovs Poem The Museum in Translation - alr reviewed_07.01.pdf
  • 11_Stepanischeva_And_Russia_seemed_to_him_David - alr reviewed_21.12.pdf
  • 12_Pild_David Samoilovs Poem Richter - alr reviewed_07.01.pdf
  • 13_ Ivanov_Tamm_Russian Classics in Soviet Estonia - alr reviewed_07.01.pdf
  • 14_Kisseljova_The Autobiographical Story of Artist - alr reviewed_22.12.pdf
  • 15_Kisseljova_Biografia professora Kelera_07.01.pdf
  • 16_Name_index_07.01.pdf
  • 17_Summaries in Estonian_23.12.pdf
  • 18_About the Contributors_23.12.pdf
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