Locating Hell in Islamic Traditions

Locating Hell in Islamic Traditions

By Christian Lange
Book Description

Islam is often seen as a religious tradition in which hell does not play a particularly prominent role. This volume challenges this hackneyed view. Locating Hell in Islamic Traditions is the first book-length analytic study of the Muslim hell. It maps out a broad spectrum of Islamic attitudes toward hell, from the Quranic vision(s) of hell to the pious cultivation of the fear of the afterlife, theological speculations, metaphorical and psychological understandings, and the modern transformations of hell.Contributors: Frederick Colby, Daniel de Smet, Christiane Gruber, Jon Hoover, Mohammad Hassan Khalil, Christian Lange, Christopher Melchert, Simon O’Meara, Samuela Pagani, Tommaso Tesei, Roberto Tottoli, Wim Raven, and Richard van Leeuwen.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • List of Figures
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Chapter 1 Introducing Hell in Islamic Studies
  • Part 1 Quranic Netherworlds
  • Chapter 2 The barzakh and the Intermediate State of the Dead in the Quran
  • Chapter 3 From Space to Place The Quranic Infernalization of the Jinn
  • Chapter 4 Revisiting Hell’s Angels in the Quran
  • Part 2 Hell in Early and Medieval Islam
  • Chapter 5 Locating Hell in Early Renunciant Literature
  • Chapter 6 Fire in the Upper Heavens Locating Hell in Middle Period Narratives of Muḥammad’s Ascension
  • Chapter 7 Hell in Popular Muslim Imagination The Anonymous Kitāb al-ʿAẓama
  • Part 3 Theological and Mystical Aspects
  • Chapter 8 Is Hell Truly Everlasting? An Introduction to Medieval Islamic Universalism
  • Chapter 9 Ibn ʿArabī, Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya, and the Political Functions of Punishment in the Islamic Hell
  • Chapter 10 Withholding Judgment on Islamic Universalism Ibn al-Wazīr (d. 840/1436) on the Duration and Purpose of Hell-Fire
  • Part 4 Varieties of Hell in Islamic Traditions
  • Chapter 11 Ismaʿili-Shiʿi Visions of Hell From the “Spiritual” Torment of the Fāṭimids to the Ṭayyibī Rock of Sijjīn
  • Chapter 12 The Morisco Hell The Significance and Relevance of Aljamiado Texts for Muslim Eschatology and Islamic Literature
  • Chapter 13 Curse Signs The Artful Rhetoric of Hell in Safavid Iran
  • Chapter 14 Literature and Religious Controversy The Vision of Hell in Jamīl Ṣidqī al-Zahāwī’s Thawra fī l-jaḥīm
  • General Index
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