A Philosophical Examination of Social Justice and Child Poverty

A Philosophical Examination of Social Justice and Child Poverty

By Gottfried Schweiger
Book Description

This book examines child poverty as a topic of social justice. The authors develop a theory of social justice for children based within the capability approach, apply it to the injustice of child poverty and propose a theory of the responsibilities of different agents towards children living in poverty.

Das Buch behandelt Kinderarmut als Thema der sozialen Gerechtigkeit. Ausgehend von einer Konzeption der sozialen Gerechtigkeit für Kinder, die im Capability Approach beheimatet ist, legen die Autoren eine Kritik der Kinderarmut vor und entwickeln eine Theorie über die verantwortlichen Aktuere, die zur Linderung von Kinderarmut verpflichtet sind.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Half-Title
  • Title
  • Series
  • Contents
  • List of Tables
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Philosophy and ChildPoverty
  • 1 Social Justice for Children – ACapability Approach
    • 1.1 The currency of justice
    • 1.2 Selecting functionings and capabilities for children
    • 1.3 Sufficiency and equality
    • 1.4 Conclusions
  • 2 The Injustice of Child Poverty
    • 2.1 Concepts and measures of child poverty
    • 2.2 The Ill-Being and Ill-Becoming of child poverty:physical and mental health
    • 2.3 The Ill-Being and Ill-Becoming of child poverty:social inclusion and education
    • 2.4 The subjective experience of child poverty
    • 2.5 Conclusions
  • 3 Responsibilities for Children inPoverty
    • 3.1 Attributing responsibilities to agents of justice
    • 3.2 Important agents of justice and their responsibilities
    • 3.3 The family and the state
    • 3.4 Conclusions
  • 4 Advancing Our Approach toGlobal Justice for Children
    • 4.1 Conclusions
  • References
  • Index
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