A Siren

A Siren

By Thomas Adolphus Trollope
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • BOOK I Ash Wednesday Morning
    • CHAPTER I The Last Night of Carnival
    • CHAPTER III St. Apollinare in Classe
    • CHAPTER IV Father Fabiano
    • CHAPTER V "The Hours passed, and still she came not"
    • CHAPTER VI Gigia's Opinion
    • CHAPTER VII An Attorney-at-law in the Papal States
    • CHAPTER VIII Lost in the Forest
    • CHAPTER IX "Passa la Bella Donna e par che dorma"—Tasso
  • BOOK II Four Months before that Ash Wednesday Morning
    • CHAPTER I How the good News came to Ravenna
    • CHAPTER II The Marchese Lamberto di Castelmare
    • CHAPTER III The Impresario's Report
    • CHAPTER IV Paolina Foscarelli
    • CHAPTER V Rivalry
    • CHAPTER VI The Beginning of Trouble
    • CHAPTER VII The Teaching of a Great Love
    • CHAPTER VIII A Change in the Situation
    • CHAPTER IX Uncle and Nephew
    • CHAPTER X The Contessa Violante
    • CHAPTER XI The Cardinal's Reception, and the Marchese's Ball
    • CHAPTER XII The Arrival of the "Diva"
  • BOOK III "Sirenum Pocula"
    • CHAPTER I "Diva Potens"
    • CHAPTER II An Adopted Father and an Adopted Daughter
    • CHAPTER III "Armed at All Points"
    • CHAPTER IV Throwing the Line
    • CHAPTER V After-thoughts
    • CHAPTER VI At the Circolo
    • CHAPTER VII Extremes Meet
    • CHAPTER VIII The Diva shows her Cards
    • CHAPTER IX One Struggle more
  • BOOK IV The last Days of the Carnival
    • CHAPTER I In the Cardinal's Chapel
    • CHAPTER II The Corso
    • CHAPTER III "La Sonnambula"
    • CHAPTER IV The Marchese Lamberto's Correspondence
    • CHAPTER V Bianca at Home
    • CHAPTER VI Paolina at Home
    • CHAPTER VII Two Interviews
    • CHAPTER VIII A Carnival Reception
    • CHAPTER IX Paolina's Return to the City
  • BOOK V Who Did the Deed?
    • CHAPTER I At the City Gate
    • CHAPTER II Suspicion
    • CHAPTER III Guilty or not Guilty?
    • CHAPTER IV The Marchese hears the Ill News
    • CHAPTER V Doubts and Possibilities
    • CHAPTER VI At the Circolo again
    • CHAPTER VII A Prison Visit
    • CHAPTER VIII Signor Giovacchino Fortini at Home
    • CHAPTER IX The Post-Mortem Examination
    • CHAPTER X Public Opinion
    • CHAPTER XI In Father Fabiano's Cell
    • CHAPTER XII The Case against Paolina
  • BOOK VI Poena Pede Claudo
    • CHAPTER I Signor Fortini receives the Signora Steno in his Studio
    • CHAPTER II Was it Paolina after all?
    • CHAPTER III Could it have been the Aged Friar?
    • CHAPTER IV What Ravenna thought of it
    • CHAPTER V "Miserrimus"
    • CHAPTER VI The Trial
    • CHAPTER VII The Friar's Testimony
    • CHAPTER VIII The Truth!
    • CHAPTER IX Conclusion
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