Considerations on Representative Government

Considerations on Representative Government

By John Stuart Mill
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Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Chapter I—To What Extent Forms of Government are a Matter of Choice.
  • Chapter II—The Criterion of a Good Form of Government.
  • Chapter III—That the ideally best Form of Government is Representative Government.
  • Chapter IV—Under what Social Conditions Representative Government is Inapplicable.
  • Chapter V—Of the Proper Functions of Representative Bodies.
  • Chapter VI—Of the Infirmities and Dangers to which Representative Government is Liable.
  • Chapter VII—Of True and False Democracy; Representation of All, and Representation of the Majority only.
  • Chapter VIII—Of the Extension of the Suffrage.
  • Chapter IX—Should there be Two Stages of Election?
  • Chapter X—Of the Mode of Voting.
  • Chapter XI—Of the Duration of Parliaments.
  • Chapter XII—Ought Pledges to be Required from Members of Parliament?
  • Chapter XIII—Of a Second Chamber.
  • Chapter XIV—Of the Executive in a Representative Government.
  • Chapter XV—Of Local Representative Bodies.
  • Chapter XVI—Of Nationality, as connected with Representative Government.
  • Chapter XVII—Of Federal Representative Governments.
  • Chapter XVIII—Of the Government of Dependencies by a Free State.
  • Footnotes:
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