Memory in Motion

Memory in Motion

By Eivind Rossaak
Book Description

How do new media affect the question of social memory? Social memory is usually described as enacted through ritual, language, art, architecture, and institutions ? phenomena whose persistence over time and capacity for a shared storage of the past was set in contrast to fleeting individual memory. But the question of how social memory should be understood in an age of digital computing, instant updating, and interconnection in real time, is very much up in the air. The essays in this collection discuss the new technologies of memory from a variety of perspectives that explicitly investigate their impact on the very concept of the social.Contributors: David Berry, Ina Blom, Wolfgang Ernst, Matthew Fuller, Andrew Goffey, Liv Hausken, Yuk Hui, Trond Lundemo, Adrian Mackenzie, Sónia Matos, Richard Mills, Jussi Parikka, Eivind Røssaak, Stuart Sharples, Tiziana Terranova, Pasi Väliaho.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Table of Contents
    • Acknowledgements
    • Introduction
      • Rethinking Social Memory: Archives, Technology, and the Social
        • Ina Blom
    • Oralities
      • Chapter One
        • ‘Electrified Voices’: Non-Human Agencies of Socio‑Cultural Memory
          • Wolfgang Ernst
      • Chapter Two
        • Can Languages be Saved? Linguistic Heritage and the Moving Archive
          • Sónia Matos
    • Softwares
      • Chapter Three
        • Big Diff, Granularity, Incoherence, and Production in the Github Software Repository
          • Matthew Fuller, Andrew Goffey, Adrian Mackenzie, Richard Mills, and Stuart Sharples
      • Chapter Four
        • The Post-Archival Constellation: The Archive under the Technical Conditions of Computational Media
          • David M. Berry
    • Lives
      • Chapter Five
        • Planetary Goodbyes: Post-History and Future Memories of an Ecological Past
          • Jussi Parikka
      • Chapter Six
        • Video Water, Video Life, Videosociality
          • Ina Blom
      • Chapter Seven
        • FileLife: Constant, Kurenniemi, and the Question of Living Archives
          • Eivind Røssaak
    • Images
      • Chapter Eight
        • Mapping the World: Les Archives de la Planète and the Mobilization of Memory
          • Trond Lundemo
      • Chapter Nine
        • Stills from a Film That Was Never Made: Cinema, Gesture, Memory
          • Pasi Väliaho
      • Chapter Ten
        • The Archival Promise of the Biometric Passport
          • Liv Hausken
    • Socialities
      • Chapter Eleven
        • A Neomonadology of Social (Memory) Production
          • Tiziana Terranova
      • Chapter Twelve
        • On the Synthesis of Social Memories
          • Yuk Hui
    • Contributors
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