How Wikipedia Works: and How You Can Be a Part of It
Phoebe Ayers
Computers & Technology
How Wikipedia Works: and How You Can Be a Part of It

How Wikipedia Works is a guide to understanding and using Wikipedia, for readers with a basic understanding of the project. 

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, is the largest and most popular reference web- site in the world. Wikipedia is also unique: This encyclopedia is written by everyone and can be read by anyone.

This book is written for readers, current editors, potential contributors, and anyone else interested in Wikipedia. The book describes what kind of writing Wikipedia includes, how Wikipedia works behind the scenes, and how to get involved.

We cover all aspects of participating in Wikipedia, from reading the site to editing articles to navigating the site’s community and governance.

Wikipedia is made up of people just like you: students, professors, and everyday experts and fans. With about 10,000 articles added to Wikipedia each week, there are plenty of opportunities to join this global community. How Wikipedia Works explains how you can make the Web’s go-to source for information even better. After reading, feel free to contact the authors or submit errata.

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