Collaborative Production in the Creative Industries
James Graham
Collaborative Production in the Creative Industries

In recent years research into creative labour and cultural work has usually addressed the politics of production in these fields, but the sociotechnical and aesthetic dimensions of collaborative creative work have been somewhat overlooked.

This book aims to address this gap. Through case studies that range from TV showrunning to independent publishing, from the film industry to social media platforms such as Tumblr and Wattpad, this collection develops a critical understanding of the integral role collaboration plays in contemporary media and culture. It draws attention to diverse kinds of creative collaboration afforded via the intermediation of digital platforms and networked publics. It considers how these are incorporated into emergent market paradigms and investigates the complicated forms of subjectivity that develop as a consequence. But it also acknowledges historical continuities, not least in terms of the continued exploitation of ‘support personnel’ and of resulting artistic conflicts but also of alternative models that resist the precarious nature of contemporary cultural work.

Finally, this volume attempts to situate creative collaboration in broader social and economic contexts, where the experience and outcomes of such work have proved more problematic than the rich potential of their promise would lead us to expect.

The Editors: James Graham is Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries, Middlesex University, London. Alessandro Gandini is Lecturer in Digital Media Management and Innovation in the Department of Digital Humanities, Kings College, London.

1. Introduction: Collaborative Production in the Creative Industries
James Graham (Middlesex University) and Alessandro Gandini (King’s College, London)
2. Collaborating, Competing, Co-working, Coalescing: Artists, Freelancers and Social Entrepreneurs as the ‘New Subjects’ of the Creative Economy
Alessandro Gandini (King’s College, London), Carolina Bandinelli (King’s College, London) and Alberto Cossu (University of Milan)
3. Beyond ‘Collaborative Economy’ Discourse: Present, Past and Potential of Digital Intermediation Platforms
Jacob T. Matthews (Cemti / Paris 8 University)
4. Collaborative Production and the Transformation of Publishing: The Case of Wattpad
Rosamund Davies (University of Greenwich)
5. The Cultural Economy of Auteurship in Independent Publishing: The Symbolic Success of the Photobook Ponte City
James Graham (Middlesex University)
6. From the Workshop of J. J. Abrams: Bad Robot, Networked Collaboration, and Promotional Authorship
Leora Hadas (University of Nottingham)
7. Elegies to Cinematography: The Digital Workflow, Digital Naturalism and Recent Best Cinematography Oscars
Jamie Clarke (Southampton Solent University)
8. Improbable Curators: Analysing Nostalgia, Authorship and Audience on Tumblr Microblogs
Dinu Gabriel Munteanu (Bournemouth University)
9. Expertise and Collaboration: Cultural Workers’ Performance on Social Media
Karen Patel (Birmingham City University)
10. Girls Rock! Best Practices and Challenges in Collaborative Production at Rock Camp for Girls
Miranda Campbell (Ryerson University)
11. Work In The Creative Economy: Living Contradictions Between the Market and Creative Collaboration
Ashley Lee Wong (School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong)
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