Gendered Rural Spaces
Pia Olsson (editor)
Gendered Rural Spaces

Rural spaces are connected with different cultural, economic, social and political codes and meanings. In this book these meanings are analysed trough gender. The articles concretely show the process of producing gender and the ways in which accepted gender-based behaviour has been constructed at different times and in different groups. Discussion of gendered spaces leads to wider questions such as power relations and displacement in society. The changing rural processes are analysed on the micro level, and the focus is set on how these changes affect peopleâs everyday lives. Answers are looked for questions like how are individuals responding to these changes? What are their strategies, solutions and tactics? How have they experienced the change process?

Gendered Rural Spaces
Title Page
Land and agrarian masculinity – space and gender in Finnish Cultural History 1933–1936
The domesticated woman as an ideal – women’s place in rural Finland
Farm space as an arena for female entrepreneurship
Is there room for women in the reindeer forest?
When equal-part inheritance is not equivalent: Gender and the value of land in a Spanish village
There’s no future for us here! Mari youth on living in Shorunzha
Forestry professionals in childhood forest
Men at work – forestry work and masculinities
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