Viscous Expectations
Cara Judea Alhadeff
Viscous Expectations

Orchestrating text and color photography through the lens of vulnerability, Viscous Expectations explores embodied democracy as the intersection of technology, aesthetics, eroticism, and ethnicity. Cara Judea Alhadeff integrates the personal and theoretical with the visual and textual, she mobilizes a comprehensive exploration of our bodies as contingent modes of relation. She cites philosophers and artists from Spinoza to Audre Lorde, Louise Bourgeois, and Édouard Glissant, who have explored collaborative and uncanny conditions of becoming vulnerable. In the context of multiple constituencies, creativity becomes a political imperative in which cognitive and somatic risk-taking gives voice to social justice.

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Title Page
Table of Contents
Philosophical Congruencies
List of Abbreviations
Part I: Embodied Energies: Convenience Culture and the Violence of the Everyday
Chapter 1. The Illusion of Neutrality in 21st Century Democracy
Mediocrity, Morality, and The Sanctity of Normalcy
Self-Censorship: Toxic Mimicry, Internalized Fascism, and Phallic Norms
Internalized Apartheids
Institutionalized Anti-Intellectualism
Chapter 2. Entitlement and Equality as Submission
Difference as Contamination: The Insinuating Body
Post-Humanism: Digital Visualizing Technologies
Irrational Wombs
Fictional Bodies: Probing The Private and The Public
Prostheses and Parasites
Part II: Intermedialities: De-Solving the Tyranny of Normalcy
Chapter 3. Vulnerability and the Politics of the Imagination
Audre Lorde’s Erotic Politics: The Erotics of the Uncanny
Inhabiting Ambiguity and Contradiction
Chapter 4. Violence and the Sacred: Julia Kristeva and George Bataille’s Archeologies of Prohibition
Entropic Excursions
The Spectacle of the Invisible: Ob-scenity and The Explicit
The Passion According to Teresa of Avila
Digesting The Stranger Within: The Dialectics of Self-Sacrifice
Practicing the Abject: Molecular Meat Round One / First Course
“Articulations of the Unconscious” / le monstre du carrefour
Part III: Embodied Democracy:Vulnerability and the Potential of Socio-Erotic Ethics
Chapter 5. Rhizomatic Vulnerabilities for Radical Citizenship
Practicing (Anti-)Critique: Emancipatory Pedagogies and Becoming the Impossible
The Scandal of Ekphrasis: Transfiguration, Collaboration, and Transdisciplinarity
Unfixed: Anomalies and Aporias
Pedagogical Promiscuities
Coercion of the Real: Détournement and Unrepresentability
Protean Sexualities: Spinoza’s what a body can do?
Female Ejaculation as Social Emancipation
A Pedagogy of Trauma: Visualizing the Uncanny Ménage à Trois: ars erotica, ars theoretica, ars politica
Chapter 6. Disfigurement: Somatizing Our Liberation
Aesthetic Obscuratism: The Ineffable, The Incomplete, L’Informe
Anxious Interventions and Uncanny Improvisations: Molecular Meat Round Two/Second Course
(De)Construction of Sight: (Dis)Assembling (Un)Becoming-Animal
Gestating the Unknown
List of Illustrations
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