Ethics Dumping: Case Studies from North-South Research Collaborations
Doris Schroeder (editor)
Ethics Dumping: Case Studies from North-South Research Collaborations

This book provides original, up-to-date case studies of “ethics dumping” that were largely facilitated by loopholes in the ethics governance of low and middle-income countries. It is instructive even to experienced researchers since it provides a voice to vulnerable populations from the forementioned countries. Ensuring the ethical conduct of North-South collaborations in research is a process fraught with difficulties. The background conditions under which such collaborations take place include extreme differentials in available income and power, as well as a past history of colonialism, while differences in culture can add a new layer of complications. In this context, up-to-date case studies of unethical conduct are essential for research ethics training.

1. Ethics Dumping: Introduction
2. Social Science Research in a Humanitarian Emergency Context
3. International Genomics Research Involving the San People
4. Sex Workers Involved in HIV/AIDS Research
5. Cervical Cancer Screening in India
6. Ebola Vaccine Trials
7. Hepatitis B Study with Gender Inequities
8. Healthy Volunteers in Clinical Studies
9. An International Collaborative Genetic Research Project Conducted in China
10. The Use of Non-human Primates in Research
11. Human Food Trial of a Transgenic Fruit
12. ICT and Mobile Data for Health Research
13. Safety and Security Risks of CRISPR/Cas9
14. Seeking Retrospective Approval for a Study in Resource-Constrained Liberia
15. Legal and Ethical Issues of Justice: Global and Local Perspectives on Compensation for Serious Adverse Events in Clinical Trials
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