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Caribbean Dynamics: Re-Configuring Caribbean Culture
Beatrice Boufoy-Bastick, Savrina Chinien
Caribbean Dynamics: Re-Configuring Caribbean Culture
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Caribbean cultural identity is dynamic and complex but also continuously in flux. In the 21st century, the Caribbean is both a site of cultural convergence and divergence. Though influenced by common histories of slavery, indentureship and European colonization and postcolonialism, the multi-ethnic diaspora and new globalized dispensation has resulted in an ever-changing, yet unique Caribbean culture. In Caribbean Dynamics: Re-configuring Caribbean Culture, the authors present the multi-vocality of Caribbean culture with an integrated overview of the social, political and cultural themes that dominate the Caribbean landscape. Francophone, Anglophone, Dutch and Spanish creolization in the Caribbean are examined to reveal reconfigured national and regional identities.Divided into 3 main sections, the first, ‘The Dynamics of Carib-being’, looks at how literature has helped to shape Caribbean identities. The second section, ‘Performing Arts: Mapping out the Caribscape’ presents the diversity of Caribbean culture, while the third section, ‘Transcending Adversity to Foster a Caribbean Culturalist Ethos’ examines how Caribbean cultural identity is articulated and translated in social and government policies. This examination of the Caribbean ‘being’, ‘performing’ and ‘transcending’ steps outside of traditional interrogations of identity and provides a timely panoramic view of emergent issues in a globalized Caribbean region.Caribbean Dynamics investigates both the collectiveness and singularity of the Caribbean and reveals the mosaic that is Caribbean cultural identity; hewn from the past, honed by trans-border diasporic influences and woven into the tapestry of a new globalized cultural landscape.

Table of Contents
Part 1:
The Dynamics of ‘Carib-being’
European Creoleness: The Dynamics of Creolization in the European and Caribbean literary spaces1
Francophone Caribbean Writers and the Legacy of Negritude: A Critical Evaluation
Rethinking Caribbean Communities: The Dynamics of Natural Disasters in the Works of Gisèle Pineau
Envisioning Social Change in Indo-Caribbean Women’s writing
Echoes of Ancestral Voices: Analysing tropes of identity in selected poetry by Jennifer Rahim, Mayra Santos Febres and Chiqui Vicioso
The Nation in the Literary Imagi-Nation: A Question of Human Dignity
Part 2:
(Performing) Arts: mapping the Caribscate
Trinidad’s French Creole Linguistic and Cultural Heritage: Documentation and Revitalisation Issues
Contemporary Globalized Popular Cultures: Re-configuring Vodou Traditions in the serialized novels of Gary Victor Le revenant
Bim and Joebell: Filmic Representations of Colonial and Postcolonial Caribbean Identity
‘We are still in the colonial woods’ Interview with Yao Ramesar
Visual Iconography as Trans-positional Mode: Monument, Performance and Spectacle as episteme
Chutney Music in Carnival: Re-defining National Identity in Trinidad and Tobago
Part 3:
Transcending Adversity to Foster a Caribbean Culturalist Ethos
Variations on Culturalist Nationalisms in Puerto Rico, or ‘That Orgy of Brutal Appetites, Under the Veil of a Loutish Superstition’
Refashioning the Dynamics of National Identity and Cultural Diversity in the Caribbean Society of Curaçao
Consuming Safety Safely: Upper Middle and Upper Class Trinidadian Responses to Increasing rates of Crime
The Future of Vulnerability and Sustainable Development in Haiti: Disaster, Community, Innovation and Information
Dichotomies of Citizenship and Religious Engagement:
The Case of Haiti The Law and the Lwa
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