Living at the Borderlines: Issues in Caribbean Soverignty and Development

Living at the Borderlines: Issues in Caribbean Soverignty and Development

By Cynthia Barrow-Giles; Don Marshall
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Book Description

The idea that the Caribbean could be devolving downward in wealth, function and sovereignty has become a recurrent theme in both academic and popular literature. By focusing on some of the current issues facing Caribbean nation states, the editors and contributors to this volume hope to inform and contribute to the ongoing debate on the broad themes of Sovereignty and Development and the prospects for survival of Caribbean nation states in a globalised world.

While some of the papers seek to describe and analyse the range and complexity of the challenge to national sovereignty and public policy autonomy, others focus on issues relating to small country size, gender and ethnic tensions, security, constitutional reform and regional integration. The result is a balanced perspective; the contributors do not gloss over the problem faced by the region. At the same time they do not present a hyper-pessimistic picture of Caribbean development prospects.

What gives the collection a particular dynamism is the way in which the authors have challenged the terrain of political possibilities traditionally defined for small peripheral socities

Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents
  • Illustrations
  • Acknowledgements
  • List of Contributors
  • Introduction: Living at the Borderlines
  • Part I - Navigating Globalisation
    • Toward a Collectively Rational and Democratic Global Commonwealth: Globalisation From Below
    • Containing Globalisation: Rethinking the Dynamic Structural and Ethical Premises of Multilateral Trade Negotiations
    • Dangerous Waters: Sovereignty, Self-determinism and Resistance
    • Governance and Re-Regulation of Offshore Financial Centres: (Re)Framing the Confines of Legitimate Debate and Protest
    • Governance, Industrial Policy and the New Global Economy: The Case For Cultural Industries
  • Part II - Crisis of Adjustment
    • Understanding the Socio-Cultural Dynamics of Globalisation: The Case of Bananas in St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines
    • The Legitimacy of Neo-Liberal Trade Regimes in the Caribbean: Issues of ‘Race’, Class and Gender
    • A Gendered Analysis of the Impact on Women’s Work of Changing State Policies in Barbados
    • Changing Skill Demands in Manufacturing and the Impact on Caribbean Female Workers.
  • Part III - Risk and Security in the Contemporary Caribbean
    • Security and Sovereignty in the Contemporary Caribbean: Probing Elements of the Local-Global Nexus
    • The ‘Shiprider Solution’ and Post-Cold War Imperialism: Beyond Ontologies of State Sovereignty in the Caribbean
    • Environmental Policy Challenges and Growth in Guyana
    • Environmental Security Risks for Caribbean States: Legal Dimensions
  • Part IV - Caribbean Integration Reconsidered
    • Is the Goal of Regional Integration Still Relevant among Small States? The Case of the OECS and CARICOM
    • From National Independence to a Single Caribbean State: Views on The Barbados-OECS Initiative
    • Trends in Labour Migration and its Implications for the Caribbean
  • Part V - Constitutional Reform and Caribbean Governance
    • Democracy and Electoral Reform in the Anglophone Eastern Caribbean
    • Race, Ideology, and International Relations: Sovereignty and the Disciplining of Guyana’s Working Class
    • Which Way Forward: Constitutional Issues and Reform in the Twin-Island Federation of St Kitts and Nevis
    • The Privy Council and the 1990 Insurrection inTrinidad and Tobago: Judicial Confusion and Implications for the Future
    • ‘New Horizons in Caribbean Democracy'
    • Governance in the Caribbean in the Age of Globalisation
  • Part VI: Recovering Caribbean History: Discourse on Race and Plantation Politics
    • Plantalogical Politics: Battling for Space and the Jamaican Constitution
    • Dèyè Mòn Gen Mòn
    • Index
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